Traffic Dodger Review – Coins, Records and Characters

This fun action game is very easy to pick up. Your character runs on the road and tries to avoid the cars coming at him. Your job is to help him by tilting your device sideways and steer him away from trouble.

the game is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded below.

Traffic dodger game is easy to pick up and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices.Traffic dodger game a cool running game. You can download it to your iOS device from itunes.

Giving ingame coins a visual side

One of the things that are a bit confusing in this game is that users can accumulate coins every session but there is no indication of what makes users gain coins during gameplay. Collecting currency in game play is a fun activity that the game is missing out on and creates confusion instead.

Records should be celebratedThere is an opportunity to add records in the game. There are multiple scores that gets tracked and the game can celebrate victories in each one of them.

This one is pretty easy to fix. Whenever users break their previous records, the game should celebrate that. The designer implemented multiple scoring system which means records can be broken more often. That’s a fresh approach that can work well as long as the game gives some indication of records being broken. Even very simple games like Flappy Bird had it and there is no reason why this game shouldn’t.

Better implementation of missions and challenges

I would also advise the designer to create a progression path by utilizing missions and challenges. It’s pretty easy to add missions like:
  • Dodge 20 cars
  • Jump over 5 cars
  • Collect 500 coins
  • Run 1,000 meters
  • Score 1,000 points
Every 3-4 missions should be aggregated into a challenge and once the user completes all missions in the challenge he should earn a reward and move to the next challenge with a new set of missions.

Single use items should be more accessible and give more value

game play includes dodging cars by tilting the device sideways and tapping to jumpThe game store button is visible at the end of every session and accessible through the game lobby. Good job here. The game also includes single use items – good job on that as well. However, the single use items are lacking in two aspects:
  • Their price ranges from 3,500 coins to 5,000 coins which means the user can only buy them after 10 session or so
  • Out of the 3 single use items only the “invincibility” one gives added value. The one that makes cars slower is not really helping and the one that makes you run faster just makes things harder.
I would focus on the “invincibility” item and price it between 500-1000 coins. It only helps for 10 seconds so it wouldn’t take away the challenge in the game.

Character – future opportunity to explore

One area that can generate revenue once the game gets some traction is selling characters in the store. The characters can simply be a visual element or they can have slightly different attributes but either way, they can help with increasing the emotional bond of the user with the game and are pretty common in runner games.
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