Upgrade Virtual Goods Explained

As a part of modelV3 (Economy Model Version 3), SOOMLA offers several kinds of virtual goods.At SOOMLA, we did our homework and based our modelV3’s entities and types of entities upon that homework. Just to be clear our homework is to play lots of mobile games and figure out what they have in common (cool homework, huh?!) One entity that is defined in modelV3 is, of course, VirtualGoods. In this post we’ll specifically talk about one type of virtual good, the UpgradeVG.

So what is an UpgradeVG?

An UpgradeVG is one VirtualGood in a series of UpgradeVGs that define an upgrade sequence for a given VirtualGood. The associated VirtualGood can be any of any type.

For example: Lets say you have a strength attribute to your character in the game and that strength is on a scale of 1-4. You want to provide your users with the ability to upgrade that strength. This is what you’ll need to create:

  1. SingleUseVG for ‘strength’
  2. UpgradeVG for strength ‘level 1’
  3. UpgradeVG for strength ‘level 2’
  4. UpgradeVG for strength ‘level 3’
  5. UpgradeVG for strength ‘level 4’

When the user buys this UpgradeVG, SOOMLA knows to check and make sure the appropriate pre-conditions are met and buy it for you (which actually means the associated VirtualGood gets upgraded).

The UpgradeVG characteristics are:

  1. Can be purchased whenever it’s not the current upgrade.
  2. Doesn’t have a balance in the database.

Real Game Example

If you’re addicted to the game “Subway Surfers” like we are, you probably know of the available “Coin Magnet”, “Jet Pack”, and “2X Multiplier” powerups that help you increase your score. You can upgrade these powerups by purchasing them with coins you’ve earned. For example, the “Coin Magnet” will, as its name implies, pick up any coins you pass even if they’re not in your path. When you upgrade this powerup you actually increase the duration of the “Coin Magnet” powerup. There are five levels available for this upgrade, as you can see in the image below.

In this example, “Coin Magnet” is defined as a SingleUseVG. Then five UpgradeVG’s would have to be created, one for each of the five levels available for upgrading “Coin Magnet”. As stated above, the UpgradeVG’s don’t have a balance in the database. Instead, any upgrade-related info (such as upgrade level) will be associated with the SingleUseVG “Coin Magnet”.

Now that you know what an UpgradeVG is, start coding away and create your mobile game using SOOMLA’s awesome modelV3. We can’t wait to see what you do!

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