Best Indie Game Dev Tweets #10

Content Manager @ Unity Tech. Design, Dev, Author of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials-  LONDON. Guitars. Drums. Frisbee. Kthxbye.

2d tutorial for Unity3d – wait, what?

@willgoldstone: Introduction to Unity from a 2D perspective! Live training starts in T-minus 3 Minutes! #Unity #gamedev

Indie gamedev: creator of 30 games, 50 songs, 2 books,  #Unity3D #HTML5 #LD48 #1GAM

Mixing work for hire with making your own games

@McFunkypants: We just put a great #gamedev biz article live @gamedevtuts: Funding Your Indie Games with Client Work: The Basics

A proud co-founder of SOOMLA and one of the creators of The SOOMLA open-source framework. Would love to talk to you about it and anything else :)

What can be learned from the success of Make it Rain?

@_refaelos: SOOMLA Hits 20M Installs and a #1 Top Chart Position via @soomla

Alec Holowka: Coder, Composer, Podcast Host, Unity Tutorials, Co-Habitant of IndieHouse. Offspring Fling, TowerFall OST. Aquaria, Portico and Night in the Woods

Unity 4.6 will be featuring a new UI – finally!

@infinite_ammo: New UI system coming in Unity 4.6

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Want to add levels to your virtual goods?

@gurdotan: Unity Monetization Plugins – 2014 Update | @Soomla

A new marketplace for indie game developers to buy high quality 2D, 3D, Audio and GUI assets from talented creators. We're in alpha now! #gamedev #indiegames

Interesting initiative to help indie game developers collaborate

@gameresources: We have launched! Browse, buy and sell assets now at! #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

Lead Programmer at Vortex Games Inc.

I liked #7 – it’s always harder than you think it will be

@BrianDColon: RT @gamasutra: 7 truths about indie game development #gamedev #indiedev

Post-apocalyptic hobo and Editor-In-Chief . Dad, husband, guitar hack.

Honest and insightful postmortem of A Machine for Pigs

@krisgraft: What went right and wrong in developing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (long read, great insight into #gamedev)

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