Game Progression Model – Slides

We have been working hard to model out worlds, levels, missions, quests, records and scores in games so during the process, I put together a few slides to help game designers think about how you turn all these elements into a coherent game progression scheme. Here are the slides.

In the slides I’m discussing the hierarchy in the game progression model and describing the different elements:

  • Worlds – the highest level
  • Levels – more basic then worlds
  • Gates – a criteria that users has to meet in order to start playing the world
  • SLM – Single level mode – a game that has no levels but rather a single scene that repeats itself
  • Challenge – a set of missions that entitle the user to a reward or progress
  • Mission – granular task the user needs to complete
  • Records – user personal best score
The presentation uses example from well known games:
  • Candy crush saga – casual match 3 puzzle games
  • Subway surfers – endless runner
  • Angry birds go – action racing game
  • Cut the rope – action puzzler with levels
  • Super sam – action game with a single endless level
  • Jelly splash – casual puzzle
  • Real racing 3 – racing simulation
The last section of the presentation describes some advanced tactics:
  • Combining SLM with levels to give users alternative progression routes
  • Adding scores and records to each level to give users a chance of excellency
  • Implementing experience points and experience levels as scores, challenges and badges
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