SOOMLA makes Amazon IAP available for game developers

Amazon in-app purchasing is now fully supported by SOOMLA. Feel free to publish your free to play games on Amazon and rest assured SOOMLA will handle the transactions.A couple of months ago we announced our new direction to add more billing services and allow game developers to use SOOMLA on multiple Android stores. It took us a while to figure out the best way to do this and prepare a scalable and modular architecture but it’s finally ready.

Amazon Store was the most requested feature on SOOMLA

The first billing service plugin we provided was Google Play. It is the default billing service for android-store and the code is maintained in a dedicated Github repo called android-store-google-play. We wanted the second billing service to be something most of SOOMLA developers need.We have being asked for new plugins and features a lot, but Amazon IAP integration was certainly the most frequent feature request. This is why we decided to add Amazon billing service to android-store  which will be SOOMLA’s second android billing service. We open sourced  it on its own repo.

SOOMLA makes IAP easy for developers

It’s now easier than ever to add In App Purchases into your Android game using Google Play or Amazon. The integration instructions are different for the different platforms:

If you need the native android integration (for Cocos2dx or AndEngine) you should take a look at the instructions on android-store:

For Unity3D, just take a look at the new SOOMLA Settings panel after you add unity3d-store’s unitypackage into you unity project. In that panel you’ll see the option to select between Google Play and Amazon. Easy as pie 🙂

We’ll keep on working with the community on more and more additions to SOOMLA. We see people from the community asking questions and solving problems and we’re very happy with that. We don’t see any other way indies can become bigger other than joining forces and doing things together.


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