Street Riderz Review – Extreme Sports Game

Available for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices. Street riderz features nice graphics and cool gameplayStreet Riderz is a fun game with some cool graphics. If you always wanted to do some tricks with a skateboard you might like this game.

Patterns – users like detecting and responding

One of the interesting things about this game is that it’s a 3d game that is played from an angle. Users’ view point is not from the side and from behind the skateboarding kid – it’s somewhere in between. This gives the game a fresh feeling but it also makes it a bit hard for the users to detect patterns. So, you might be asking yourself why pattern matching is important, let’s drill down on this for a second. Here are a few games in which pattern detection is fun:The game features a skateboarding kid in a 3d setup and the gameplay revolves around jumping and other skateboard tricks.
  • Match 3 games like candy crush – users see the pattern, they swipe and match it
  • Runners – users see an obstacle (pattern) in their lane and have to swipe in a certain why
  • Whack a mole – detect a mole (pattern) and whack it by tapping on the screen
So, in Street Riderz, there are two problems from that aspect:
  • Detecting the patters is harder due to the view angle
  • Users reaction for all patterns is the same – jumping
This is an area where small changes can make the game more fun.

Retention and game progression go together

There are multiple ways in which this game can improve long term retention. There are no levels here which is fine, there are many games that use Single Level Mode (SLM) or repeated scene as the main gameplay mode. However, this mode requires the game designer to create an alternative game progression scheme that is based on missions and challenges. With Street Riderz, I would suggest:
  • Creating challenges that are based on 3 missions each
    • Balance mission – collect 10*SQUARE(n) coins in one session (where n is challenge no.)
    • Distance mission – skate 50*SQUARE(n) coins in one session
    • Preform a certain trick or a series of tricks
  • The reward for each challenge can be a speed multiplier
This should give users the basic sense of progress – as they develop their skills they complete challenges and make the game difficulty adapt to their experience

Adding single use items and game upgrades

Street riderz allows users to get invested in the game by upgrading their character with different types of equipmentThe game includes a good scheme of purchasable equipment, that can allow users to get invested in the game and improve long term retention. There is small room for improvement here – mainly around differentiating the value that each item gives. However, before that, there is work to be done on two aspects: single use items and game upgrades.

Single use items are critical for engaging users with the economy

Single use items are a great way to bridge between the game and the economy. The user collects a few coins in the game, and he immediately have a low cost item that he can buy and make his game more fun and interesting. Since the item can only be used once, the user has to buy it over and over again which makes your ingame economy an integral part. With this game, there are a few options. I would start with a concept of an energy drink that gives make the first 100 meters go really fast and with full immunity. The price should be around 25 coins to make sure users can buy it after every session or two. As the game evolves, the price and range should go up as users upgrade their energy drink.

Game upgrades are crucial part of single level mode games

You know how some games sell things in the store that users don’t get right away but instead have to find during gameplay. This is what I mean by game upgrades. You will find them in almost every successful game that is based on a single repeated level. Their role is crucial. They keep the game interesting. The right way to do them is to allow users to upgrade them over and over again and make the price go up as well. The most common used ones are:
  • Coin magnet
  • Double coins
  • Mega coin
  • Temporary shields / invisibility
  • Boost ahead
Each one of these are sold as 5 levels and the impact increases with every level. The other item that should be sold as game upgrade is an item that upgrades the single use item.
Another quick win is to add a store button on the session summary screen. This saves users a trip out to the main menu when they want to visit the store.
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