4 Great Lecture Videos for Self Published Developers

Back in May I attended Casual Connect in Singapore and had the opportunity to hear some great sessions. To those of you who missed the event Casual Connect records all the sessions so you can see the recorded sessions. Below you can find my 4 favorite lectures. If you enjoy them, feel free to check my sessions from the last 2 casual connects (Making addictive games and Why Publishing is Broken). I received very good feedback about them.

Game publishing and distribution – “publishers are like insurance agencies”

This panel with Chris Natsuume, Ian Gregory and Juan Gril and is moderated by Yan Marchal. Those of you who met Chris knows that he is a really good story teller and is very opinionated about the role of game publishers. These 4 highly experienced individuals are telling it as it is about what it means to be a self published studio. Fun to watch and informative.

[youtube youtubeurl=”m1_yWfLcOds” ][/youtube]

Getting organic downloads by gaming the App Store rating algorithm

One of the things that sets successful studios from the rest is that they treat game making as a business and a part of that is understanding what your customers are looking for. In the most literal way, Gabriel shows his recipe for identifying user search trends and making games that actually cater to those searches. This is a lessons you don’t want to miss.

[youtube youtubeurl=”CTYKBMpSyWY” ][/youtube]

Analyzing and optimizing your game

Momchil is the CEO and co-founder of Leanplum – an analytics platform with some really advanced features like A/B testing and retroactive funnels. In this lecture he shares tips about what their customers are optimizing in their games and how analytics and optimization can help developers reach success by adopting a scientific approach to game making.
[youtube youtubeurl=”-yRzuL5Kyvw” ][/youtube] 

What top earners do that the rest of games don’t

Wouldn’t you like to know what sets the top earners apart from the rest of the games. Peter from Amazon aggregated piles of data from their servers to deliver some really interesting conclusion about monetizing games with in-app purchases.
[youtube youtubeurl=”z5sROS9JdpQ” ][/youtube]
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