Sleepi Bubble Review – Missions and Levels

sleepi bubble is a side scroller where the submarine constantly moves to the right and users have to steer it clear of different obstacles.Sleepi Bubble is a side scrolling runner that takes place under water. The goal is to navigate the submarine between creatures of the sea and collect stars. The game is available for android through Google Play and for iOS devices through the App Store.


This pretty simple to pick up. The submarine moves down when you tap the screen and up when you don’t. Very similar to Jetpack Joyride type of control. Each session starts with 3 lives which means you can hit 3 obstacles before the session ends.

Missions presented as levels

progress between missions is presented to the user as a map. Nice way to visualize the accomplishment.Like most runners, each session is generated out of sections that are combined randomly. The game progression scheme is based on missions so at the beginning of every session, users are given an objective to collect a certain number of stars. The progress from one mission to another is presented in a map which is a fresh approach that leverages level maps that can be found in Candy Crush and many other level based games. It would have been good to see some more diversity in the missions. Instead of always using the number of stars as the objective, the missions can be based on how long the submarine traveled, objects collected, obstacles avoided and similar things.

Missing scores and records

One of the things you expect to see in games that utilize a repeated single level is more emphasis on scores and records. Most successful running and jumping games have this and for a good reason. The repetitive nature of these games means that users can get better with practice and can keep breaking their records as long as they play more and more. Breaking your own best scores or your friends best scores is fun and provides challenge in the game.

Lack of game economy

This game misses out on the opportunity to add an in-game economy. Since users already collect stars it’s pretty easy to use them as currency and allow users to buy different items. I would start by allowing users to buy single use items like screen blaster that removes all the obstacles seen on the screen or a temporary shield that protects the submarine for 10 seconds.
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