Video tutorial: Integrate unity3d-store into a “No Ads” sample app

New video tutorial

Many game developers that want to use SOOMLA’s unity3d-store turned to us for help with the integration of the store into their app. So, we decided to create a video tutorial on how to do that. The steps in the tutorial are:

  1. Create a demo app with a “No Ads” button.
  2. Integrate SOOMLA’s unity3d-store into the app.
  3. Initialize the SOOMLA SDK.
  4. Create our version of IStoreAssets.
  5. Implement functionality for the “No Ads” button.
  6. Run the app on a device.

For Android:

For iOS:


SOOMLA’s Knowledge Base

Recently SOOMLA’s Knowledge Base went live with lots of documents, tutorials, and examples. You can check it out here.

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  1. September 15th: NonConsumableItem class was removed. To create a
    non-consumable item in your IStoreAssets implementation, use LifeTimeVG
    with PurchaseType of PurchaseWithMarket.

    can you update the tutorial?
    my English is not good ,i try but it not work well,so i hope you can update the tutorial,or just give a example project for no_ads iap,thank you


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