Viral Installs – Getting Users to Share and Rate Your Game

Next week, I’m giving a session at Casual Connect in San Francisco. For those if you who can’t make it to the conference – I’m going to share a link to the recorded session as as the conference team uploads it to YouTube. For those of you who are coming, feel free to check the slides in advance and even download them.

I’m going to talk about 3 key elements of getting more social interaction:

  • Designing game narrative around virality
  • Choosing the best timing to pop the question
  • Making the sharing flow as smooth as possible

The session will take place at the Franciscan Ballroom in the 2nd floor and will start at 3:30pm on Wednesday, July 23rd. It’s part of the Game Design track. Here is a link to the conference agenda and more details.

Hope to see all of you there.

Here are links to previous lectures I gave at Casual Connect:

  • Why publishing is broken and how we can fix it – Watch Video
  • How to make addictive games – Watch Video
  • The perfect store – how to engage users in your game store – Watch Video



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