Angry Ninjas Jump

Game play description:

It’s a nice game, basic and fun: There’s a ninja who jumps up and the user can tilt the phone so the jumping ninja will land on the floating steps and won’t fall down. The ninja can collect coins and jump on special things.
Personally, I played too much icy tower and I just can’t play jump games anymore.. But combining icy tower with ninja can be refreshing!
Here’s the game link:

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There is one currency – coins. But there are many virtual goods on the way (wings, Coins booster, jump booster etc.)The user can collect the coins while jumping. Only problem is that if the user jumped to high and want to get down to collect what he missed – he can’t do it because when he will get down from the screen the game will be over. The ninja jump very high and it’s hard to control it’s jumping intensity so the user can’t really jump down to collect what he missed.
I think that to make the user get use to spend coins and buy goods – it should be easier for him to collect coins. But in this game it feels like the main target is just to jump up…

Promoting virtual goods:

For a continue-game-cheat there’s a try-buy model: The user is allowed to continue from where the game started over for 5 times and then he can buy this options with coins he can collect in the game (or buy with real money). The problem is that it’s hard to collect the coins (100-200 per a game for a starting user) and the continue-game-cheat costs a minimum of 8000 coins.
The way the user learns about this cheat is highly effective: As part of the game’s flow – At the end of the game the user can decides if he want to continue the game or not. After 5 times he will have to buy those cheats.

On the other hand there’s a flow problem on the coins issue: Right when the user opens the game on the main screen there are 4 options of coins pack. It surely is important to put an access to buy coins in a main place, but I think it should be a button to a store screen and not all the store opens at the main screen because this is not the main action of this screen.


Another issue is – ads. The game is full with ads and it’s really annoying. Maybe it will be better to give the user 10 games to play without show him ads, to see if he pay for coins and only if he’s not – show him the ads.

Another thing they did is the option to upgrade the character: The user can choose between 5 kinds of ninjas. It’s a good idea but the implementation is less because there’s nothing different between the 5 ninjas besides they look – they sound the same and jump the same.. There are many ways to create differences: Each ninja can jump diffrent (higher/lower or more/less flips), Make different sounds, Change the background to fit the ninja look, add different combo jumps, etc.


Feedback for the player:

When the user end the game he get grade (1-3 ninja stars) and number of how high he jumped. Maybe there should be an option to see how high the user’s friends have jump to create a competition and make the engagement higher and also give the user the ability to compete with himself and break his own records.


Because there’s only one world in this game, maybe adding missions (like jump 1000 meters, collect 100 coins, etc.) will also affect the engagement.

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