New Videos Page in SOOMLA’s Knowledge Base

SOOMLA Knowledge Base

SOOMLA recently went live with an informative Knowledge Base, created so that game developers can quickly and easily learn how to use SOOMLA. Currently the Knowledge Base provides documents with explanations and examples, written tutorials, and new video tutorials. Game devs can navigate their way through the user-friendly main menu of the Knowledge Base to find whatever materials they need.

Our most recent addition to the Knowledge Base is the Video Tutorials page that can be opened by clicking the “University” button in the main menu. While our tutorial collection consists of only four videos as of now, we are working hard at creating more for the benefit of the community.

The videos that are currently available are:

  • Getting Started with unity3d-store for Android
  • Getting Started with unity3d-store for iOS
  • Integrate unity3d-store into an example app for Android
  • Integrate unity3d-store into an example app for iOS

We are working on widening the scope of the Knowledge Base with more documents and explanations about the different modules that SOOMLA provides, including the new modules that will be available in the near future. Of course there will also be more examples, tutorials, and videos to complement the docs. We believe that information will strengthen our already solid community, and that’s the reason why we’re constantly improving and adding more to the Knowledge Base.



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