Vikings vs. Clash of Clans Game Review

vikings is a mid-core strategy game available for ios in the apple App StoreI recently started playing a game called Vikings – a mid-core strategy game themed around nordic raiders who are as tough as much as they are fund of beer. The game is available for iOS.

Build Your Village Mode

This part of the game is very similar to a popular game we all know – Clash of Clans. Users focus on obtaining two types of soft currencies: gold and beer. In order to get more gold users need to build buildings using beer and in order to get more beer they need to spend gold. This mechanism allows easy balancing and many games are leveraging SuperCell’s formula here. As in many other city building games, everything takes time and impatient users can pay to accelerate things while patient users modify their entire daily schedule to become successful at this game. Since ‘Vikings’ is leveraging a known formula, most users alreay know the game play when they start which makes the on boarding process easier.

Raid Enemy Villages – Small Tweaks to the Formula

battle mode - giving the user more ways to impact the battle is a great improvement from benchmark - clash of clansNo big surprises in the battle mode as well. This game mode is focused on deployment of troops on the screen rather than actual fighting. One big improvement from Clash of Clans is that users can give their troop orders during the battle. This solves a major problem with COC that the battle mode was getting boring after a while. Another big difference is the Hero which has all sorts of power that the user can unleash on the enemy. This is a great addition as the user feels a bigger part of the battle.
The game features two modes for battling oponnents:
  • Single Player – users can track their progress through the campaign and see which villages they already raided and which ones are still remaining.
  • Player vs. Player – in this multiplayer mode, users can battle random oponnents

The Twist – You Have a Hero

adding a hero to the game increases emotional bond and gives users more ways to upgrade and get invested in the gameUnlike most strategy games, this game features a hero character – Thor. This dude have a massive impact on the battle field and can raid enemy villages almost on his own in the early levels. One impact that this has on gameplay is that early stages become much more intensive as users can raid the first few cities without the need to constantly train troops. In other words, the difficulty curve in the early levels is not as steep as in similar games. Another interesting aspect of having a character is that it opens a lot of opportunities for upgrading and creating a greater emotional bond. The game indeed offers many opportunities to invest in upgrading the hero, training him and developing his abilities. This makes the game more fun and at the same time, allows him better monetization. There is even a paid option to buy different heros and those users who want to see what other heroes can do will have to reach out for their research is a hard core element that somehow found it's place in this mid core game

Researching Army Improvements – One Step Too Far

The game also includes an element normally found in hard-core strategy games – researching of new technologies to improve troops. This feels a bit too much in the context of this game. The addition of the hero and the use of beer as currency, make this game more casual than the standard mid-core game and having technology research breaks the narrative.

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