Announcing SOOMLA Profile module!

We are happy to announce the brand new Profile module, now available to the SOOMLA community.

The Profile Module

SOOMLA is always looking for new ways to help game developers make their games better. One of the key elements in modern game development is social network visibility, game developers want their games to interact with social network, this way the players become the evangelists of the game, and the game gets noticed, which leads to more players.

The Profile module helps game developers connect their game to the social web. With Profile integrated into your game, you can easily authenticate players using various social networks, allow the game to post on players’ feeds, get information about their friends, and much more!

Player Motivation

What is the player’s motivation to grant your game access to their social network? one word… Rewards!

Players love to get rewarded for preforming social interactions within your game, with Profile it’s easy to do so. The module allows the developer to attach a reward to almost every social interaction within it, when players preform it they get rewarded. Since Profile is a part of the SOOMLA framework, it’s easy to attach a reward which is bound to your Store virtual economy, meaning the player can get virtual item rewards for his/hers social interactions.

Get It Now!

As with all SOOMLA modules we try and cover as many platforms as possible, the Profile module is currently available for iOS (ios-profile), Android (android-profile), Cocos2d-x (cocos2dx-profile), and Unity3d (unity3d-profile).
Much like our other modules, this module is open-source, so there’s no reason for not getting it right now, and if you wish you can even contribute to the project.

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A true jack of all trades, Simon busies himself with becoming proficient in every technology and programming language known to man, while nursing an addiction to game development. When he’s not busy programming the latest feature, Simon can be found at the local pub or playing the latest indie game release. Simon holds an M.Sc in computer games development from the University of London. Prior to SOOMLA, Simon co-founded DreamFarmer a games development studio.


  1. Awesome news, Simon! We, at Appit ( are really excited to include SOOMLA in our on-going game. Watch out for it, cause this is gonna be a big one. It’s called “Blow.Sh*t.Up!” and it is a F2P online multiplayer vehicle combat game. I am the principal developer on the project and I am loving SOOMLA so far! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Hey Rohan it’s great to hear you are using our frameworks, and hearing you are loving them is even better!
      The game looks awesome, hope it gets released soon, so we can all enjoy it.
      Keep your eye on this blog there are always new things coming.


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