From Corporate to Awesome

After working one year at a major corporate here in Israel, I can say one thing, it’s not for me, at least not right now.

Some background

At the beginning of my career as a software developer I found a QA gig at a startup company in Rehovot. The idea was pretty awesome, but too much politics and too little professionalism led to it’s closing. Obviously, I wasn’t really devastated when one day the CEO told us to pack our stuff and leave because I had bigger fish to fry back then, I was a full time student.

Oh well, the QA thing bothered me as well, “why would a computer science student do QA?” right?  So I decided to pursue a “real” job and wanted to become a software developer.

I went and found me another student job at a small company, not a startup though. They seemed to have it all figured out, they have been working for 20 (!!!) years at a competitive market, you gotta appreciate that. I can say that I did do a lot of code. Not all interesting and involving cutting edge technology, but still I got my hands dirty and wrote tons of code. The problem was, this company was so dependent on it’s legacy product that most of the code I did was for inner purposes and I began to lose interest.

So until now we have a failing start up and a small, well managed and experienced business.

The corporate experience

Fresh out of the University i decided to experience the “corporate” world. After working there for a few short months I could already see the advantages: free food and flexible working hours.
Now seriously, there are a few things I’ve learned from the corporate organization, for example, everything needs to work according to strict methodologies and procedures. This understanding now helps me plan and manage my time better. Also, I’ve learned the dynamics and politics of working in a large team, with people of all ages, shapes and cultures.

But the heart wanted more …

A new journey

I wanted to truly be part of something new and exciting, I knew that a start up was the only way to go and after being there for almost a month, I can say – it’s awesome.
Not only that I get to work with some of the amazing tech out there, I finally do things end-to-end and not one small piece of the puzzle. The best thing is to learn a whole lot of stuff every day and still feeling that I have so much more to learn – something I never had at my previous job.

This journey has just begun and it already feels like the right choice, will keep you posted 🙂

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