Getting Started with SOOMLA’s cocos2dx-store


Here at SOOMLA, we’re constantly working on developing new materials that will help game developers easily use our open-source. Our Knowledge Base provides lots of guides, tutorials, and examples, and we are currently working on expanding the video tutorial section.

Our newest video demonstrates, in a little less than 10 minutes, how to get started with cocos2dx-store.

The video will show you how to:

  • Integrate and setup cocos2dx-store
  • Download the cocos2dx-store-example called Muffin Rush
  • Run the example app on an Android device (in the video at 6:05)
  • Run the example app on an iOS device (in the video at 8:39)

SOOMLA’s cocos2dx-store Getting Started video tutorial

Find more information in our Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base provides a detailed tutorial of how to get started with cocos2dx-store, along with examples. The Knowledge Base also contains lots of useful information about the different entities SOOMLA provides, event handling, debugging tips, and more. We recommend you browse through the materials and take advantage of all the media available. If you still have questions after that, feel free to ask us at Soomla Answers.


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