SOOMLA LevelUp – Easier and Wiser Game Design

In our quest to provide the ultimate game design framework, we can’t ignore developers’ efforts to easily create and maintain their game’s state and structure. Actually, this is what game design is all about. So we were looking into expanding the SOOMLA framework in that direction and LevelUp is what we came out with.

LevelUp is a set of objects, rules and behaviors for better game design and management. Using LevelUp, you can define EVERYTHING in your game. From Worlds to Missions, from Rewards to Scores, it’s all baked in and ready for use. On top of the game modelling, LevelUp provides a set of functions, events and configurations to help you manage your game state. You can increase or decrease scores, catch events to show notifications to the user, or open and close gates. And of course, everything is kept on the device in SOOMLA’s small encrypted database.

LevelUp Model Overview

When you combine all the 3 modules of SOOMLA (Store, LevelUp and Profile), you get a most powerful tool that can help you manage your game design better than ever. You define everything once and the framework takes care of everything else. Amazing! isn’t it? 🙂

To make this deal even sweeter, we are working on integrating this module with Apple Game Center and Google Play Game Services, so keep following this blog.

You can get LevelUp today for Unity3d and Cocos2d-x (v2 and v3). Make sure you go through the docs before you start modelling your game. The more you understand how it works, the better your game design will be. We’ll keep working to add more documentation, examples and tutorials so LevelUp will be easy to understand and work with.

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