SOOMLA Store is alive in the Unity3D editor!

Unity_Logo (1)I’m not sure if you guys see what’s going on with the SOOMLA opensource framework but you should know it keeps expanding every moment. We’re adding features and fixing bugs like crazy but the new feature (or major improvement if you like) that I’ll tell you about in this post is one of our most important ones so far.

Improving your game development environment

Community members keep asking us why unity3d-store isn’t available in the editor. This was one of the most wanted improvements for the Unity3d flavor of SOOMLA Store and now it’s here. We knew how important it is to you and we always felt like the SOOMLA library is not complete without it. I’ll explain why …

Working in the editor is beneficial in so many ways. You can now test your games with the SOOMLA Store economy mechanisms as if you were running your game on a device. All balances and other information will be saved in a local storage on your computer and will be available to you through multiple testing of your game.

Your game with SOOMLA everywhere!

Easily testing your game is not the only benefit of working with SOOMLA in the editor. If you want to publish your game to the web or as a desktop game and you don’t need in-app purchases then you can now do that with the amazing features that SOOMLA is offering you. Everything from economy management to level design (unity3d-levelup) can now be used in the editor and built to multiple platforms.

Another option that this major change provides is the option for more billing services to be integrated with SOOMLA Store. Anyone from the community who want to add a billing service for desktop or web games is encouraged to do that. If you feel like contributing today you just start doing it or contact us for assistance at If you don’t feel like it today, that’s fine, you can do it tomorrow 🙂

Cocos2dx users, don’t feel left behind. We’re getting the work-in-editor spirit to you soon. You will also be able to build and test your games on a desktop emulator and release with SOOMLA inside to multiple environments.

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