SOOMLA Profile brings easier Twitter and Google+ support to game developers

SOOMLA_is_working_on_new_inventions_that_will_make_the_framework_more_open_more_data_driven_and_more_flexible_Developer_happiness_is_about_to_get_a_boost.PNGWe recently announced 2 new modules the complement SOOMLA’s successful Store module and creates the SOOMLA framework something extremely useful to mobile game developers. Those 2 modules were LevelUp and Profile and their purpose is to solve the pain of managing game in the background (LevelUp) and easily handle users’ social engagement (Profile).

Twitter and Google+ introduced in SOOMLA Profile

When Profile came out, it supported user engagement operations using Facebook. We said that we’re going to add more social networks and now it’s happening. You can now use profile to connect your users through Twitter and Google+. It’s another major capability of the SOOMLA framework and another easy way for game developers to add features to their game.

Twitter and Google+ integrations were done using native (Android or iOS) integrations connected to Unity and Cocos2dx through wrappers that are integrated into the plugins. We keep working in the same successful architecture as we did in the Store module to provide you with these new features to Profile.

And it’s all open …

The SOOMLA Framework is an open source initiative so these new features are also open at:

As usual, we encourage game developers to share their ideas and code by contributing code, fixing issues or answer others at:


Feel free to share:


  1. Refael, thank you so much mate for this. I am just working on integrating Twitter. Would you have a working example that I can follow. I used the Muffins example to get Facebook working. Do you have something teh same for Twitter and Google+? Many thanks. Andrei


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