Battle of Tanks 3D Review – Badass War Game

unnamedBattle of Tanks 3D War Game is a third-person 3D shooter that puts the player in the shoes of a tank driver.

Battle of Tanks 3D War Game is a great shooter in which you assume the role of a tank driver ready to defend your base, complete objectives and collect coins to buy better gear.It’s a free to play game with in-game purchases, available for Android devices.

There are five different goals that can be achieved in the game, including destroying all enemy tanks, destroying a strategic bridge, destroying the enemy ammunition center (or defending your own), destroying the enemy communications tower, or destroying the enemy headquarters.

Users can choose between three types of tanks, all of which are similar, but with slight differences that can reflect the user’s playstyle.

Gamers can choose tanks that are faster, but with weaker shields and less firepower, or slower tanks with more firepower. Or simply very resilient tanks with lots and lots of shields.

Simple controls make this game easy to start

Visually, the game looks fairly simple, with tanks in the focus, rather than the graphics of the surroundings.

The same goes for the menus, and the first run. Once you install and run the game, you’ll be prompted with a simple screen instructing you how to play the game: left thumb to rotate the cannon, right thumb to move the tank around.

tank1Three buttons in between are used for shooting your enemies with different types of weapons.

What strikes me as unusual is that the game seems to be designed for low-end phones. Running it on an LG G3, a phone with a higher resolution, the control buttons seem to be extraordinarily small, making playing the game a bit more difficult than it should be. Running the game on Galaxy S2, the game looked much better.

Adding an option to change the resolution within the game would make it much more attractive.

Turning off the music

Playing a war game is so much better when you have a hard rock, or metal music background that adds a special dose of badassery to the scene. The devs at Thought Shastra Solutions know it, and they added a special layer of rock music to add to the drama. However, the loop is relatively small and ends abruptly, making an opposite effect. Improving the length of the music, and making the loop more seamless would significantly improve the game’s experience.

More room for social integration

The game has two social integration options, for Facebook and Google Plus. Two buttons are placed in the game menus, and pressing one or the other activates the Facebook or Google Plus app accordingly, allowing the user to share the game with his or hers friends.

It also has a leaderboard for both the friends list and globally, but what it lacks is an option to share your success on social media. Achievements and the leaderboard result should have a share option, so once you get a high score, or beat some of your friends, you should be able to gloat about it on Facebook, or any other network.  I would also suggest adding Twitter to the mix, given it’s a very popular network.

At this moment, the game is single-player only, meaning you can’t have your friends, or other people from all around the world in the same game, competing for dominion.

I’d love to see a multi-player version some time in the future, where I could invite a couple of my friends for a game of tank destruction.

Lacking a virtual currency

When starting to play, the game offers three tanks, with four more available for purchase. Buying the additional tanks is possible only with real money.tank2-1

Clicking on the “unlock” button for the extra tank, prompts the Google Play app which then allows the player to purchase new tanks.

The button for the shop is placed on a good location, is clearly visible and works properly.

This system, also called “pay to win”, is fairly unpopular amongst the gamer community, because it favors those willing to spend money, instead of perfecting the skill for the game.

Instead, the game should reward players for spending time playing, in a way that completing objectives and destroying enemy tanks rewards them with coins that can be spent on unlocking new tanks or even upgrades for existing ones, like better shields, faster movement or more ammunition.

Fun game with lots of potential

Tanks in games are always fun, and this game is no exception. With simple commands, and throwing you into the action right from the start, fun and lots of hours spent are guaranteed. However, it has much room for improvement, especially in the social integration and virtual currency aspects. Even though it’s not necessary, a graphics upgrade would be a bonus.

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