Dance Fantasy Review – Dancing Coach in Your Living Room

unnamedToday I’ll be reviewing a game called Dance Fantasy With Sexy Girls.  It’s a 3D RPG/Exploration/Music/Dance game developed by Geod Studio.  It’s a free game, available for the Android and iOS platforms.  By design, it’s a very simple game. You take control of one out of a total of 12 girls, and watch them dance one of the seven dances featured in the game.

Dance Fantasy With Sexy Girls is a great dancing game with in-app purchase and lots of moves.Dance Fantasy With Sexy Girls is a great dancing game with in-app purchase and lots of moves.


Bring on the dance moves

First you select the girl you want to dance, and after that select the style. The styles are Salsa, Samba, Breakdance, Swing, Belly dancing, Hip Hop, and Funny. After that you select the songs, in a way I found very creative, easy and interesting. Once you press the “select song” button, your device minimizes the game, and brings up the list of songs you have on the device. You play it through an app for music, and then head back into the game. Next thing is to synchronize the dancing with the music, by tapping the rhythm on the screen, until the dancer and the song are in sync, and off she goes!

The dancing speed can be modified by a vertical slider placed on the right side of the screen, which is a great add on, making hip hop or break dance faster, and salsa, or belly dancing slower.

Quality game

The game’s graphics are pretty advanced for a mobile game. They are rich in detail, the dancing animations are smooth, and the girls blend nicely with the colors of the surroundings.  Not all girls, or dance moves, are available to the player right from the start. The player is only presented with a couple of girls and dance moves in the beginning, and then he or she have to work their way up to reaching other in-game characters.  To do that, there are two options: in-game purchases with real money, or exchanging for a virtual currency.

This game uses the SOOMLA framework for its economy, which is based on collecting diamonds.  These diamonds are scattered across the map, and the user is encouraged to roam around and collect them. Collecting is done by double tapping on the screen, which makes the character perform a somersault jump.  If you jump properly, you’ll collect the diamond. This is a bit of a nuisance, because it’s pretty hard to jump properly and in the right direction. I had to jump an average three to five times just to get one diamond.

Collect diamonds to get more features

There are also other ways to collect diamonds. When a “bonus” button appears, the user can tap it and watch a 10 second in-game ad. The user is rewarded with a couple of diamonds for watching the ad.  The diamonds can then be traded for various girls or dance moves.  Some people might find that there is a problem with retaining characters.  The girls or moves you purchase aren’t accumulated. Payment is a one-time thing, and if you decide to switch girls or moves, and run out of diamonds in the meantime, you can’t go back to the girls or the dances you had before.  However, everything in this game is relatively cheap (the most expensive girl costs eight diamonds), and this way the game encourages you to engage more, roam around and collect the diamonds.


The game’s missing any sort of social integration that could be used for either diamond collecting or spreading the buzz, or both.  The game could have achievements like “collected 100 diamonds”, or “unlocked all the dance moves”, that could be shared to social media to spread the word. In return, the player could earn bonus diamonds or hidden dance moves.  This can easily be achieved with SOOMLA’s Profile module

If you’re a dance enthusiast or a teenage boy, this game can find its way on your portable device.  It can be used to kill off some time, and watch some nice ladies dancing, or it can be used as a dance tutorial. All dances can be played back very slow, allowing the gamer to focus on details and to learn the dance moves. And if you have the opportunity to connect your device with a television set, then you can have a private dancing coach in your living room.

Overall, it’s a simple and fun game that can keep you hooked for days, while you explore the map and with it new ways to dance and impress the ladies in the club, on Saturday night.

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