Mini video tutorials: unity3d-store

Here at SOOMLA, we’re constantly looking for ways to help game developers, which is why we decided to create a series of short video tutorials that will address all sorts of different Soomla-related subjects.

We’ll start with posting two new videos we created – one about MarketItems and how to use them, and the other with an integration checklist for unity3d-store.

Mini video tutorial #1: MarketItems 101

In a little less than 2 minutes, this video will cover:

  • How to define items you’d like to sell for real money in the Market (Google Play, App Store, etc..).
  • The reason why SOOMLA requires you to provide a price for these items in your IStoreAssets.
  • How to fetch prices and currency from the Market.


Mini video tutorial #2: unity3d-store Integration Checklist

In about 60 seconds, this tutorial will quickly walk you through a checklist to go over after downloading unity3d-store, just to make sure you’ve done everything right. This is kind of a “getting started” tutorial in a shortened version, but that focuses mainly on all the common mistakes developers make when integrating.


Check out the rest of our video tutorials in the University section of our Knowledge Base.

If you have a specific SOOMLA subject that you would like to learn more about, let us know and we might create a video tutorial about it.

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