Chicken Outbreak 2 Review – Fun and engaging

unnamedChicken Outbreak 2 is a 2D platformer for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, built on the V-Play game engine.  It’s is a fall down game, similar to Doodle Jump or Fall Down: Elemental, making it a very simple, yet effective entertainer, ideal for the casual gamer.

What is pretty cool and in the open source spirit, is that the V-Play developers decided to share the full source code of this game. You can get the game with the free download of the V-Play SDK. V-Play uses the Soomla framework for its virtual economy, so you get a published game example to use it in your own games.

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Simple controls

In the game, the main protagonist is a little chicken, trying to escape the terrors of its hen. During the escape, it jumps downwards, from one platform to another, while the whole level scrolls upwards.  It’s a casual game with an easy learning curve. It’s the type of game that’s easy to learn, yet hard to master. This is mostly because the level scrolls faster and faster as the game progresses, and different obstacles appear allowing users to show some real skill and good reflexes, all while having loads of fun.

The controls are as simple as can be, with the game using the device’s gyro sensors. As the user tilts his or her device to the side, so does the chicken move.

virtual eco

The visuals of the game also show real quality. The textures are clean, the game runs smoothly, and the chicken has a cute look, making it a potential sweetheart to animal-lovers around the world.

The game has implements a diverse economy with great quality.  During the escape, the user collects corn and spawned power-ups. Power-ups, such as angels (extra lives), teleports and parachutes help the gamer in difficult situations, while corn increases the overall score.

Based on that score, the user is rewarded with coins, a special in-game currency that can be spent on those power-ups, as well as a few cosmetic upgrades, like skins for the chicken.

Spending coins

The game often offers angels, or extra lives, drawing the player to spend more time with the game, while a fairly high price on teleports and parachutes asks for some thinking and careful consideration before heading towards the shop.  Building an economy that requires attention and craftsmanship for “how-to-spend” is a best practice in gaming which retains and engages players and is built quite well here.  Also, the button for the shop is in a visible place, and the shopping process is seamless.

I see great potential in the shop, with the possibilities of adding different skins, depending on current affairs (for example: creating a football skin during the World Cup, or a Santa-chicken during Christmas), as well as reverse marketing potential (The main character can be integrated, for example, into Viber’s or Facebook’s stickers).

Compete with friends

The game has an integrated leader board, where you can choose to be matched globally or with your Facebook friends, and it pops up every time the user reaches a new high score.  The “celebration” of a new high score is a another best practice that we commonly advise developers about and is beautifully executed in Chicken Outbreak 2.  It also has a set of achievements for collecting corn and using power ups, another way to keep players interested and engaged.

To conclude, the Chicken Outbreak 2 is a lot of fun. It’s easy to learn, it’s interesting and engaging.  It’s visually beautiful, with simple and effective controls. And it has good ideas on how to implement virtual economies and social integration.  A big thumbs up for V-Play.  If you’re a developer we encourage you to have a look at their game engine.  Especially as you can use the full source code of Chicken Outbreak 2 to build your own falldown games.

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