Grow Dashboard – Game Analytics Redefined

Grow is SOOMLA’s crown jewel, community-driven analytics dashboard. Developers can use Grow to gain valuable insights about their games’ performance and compare the data to benchmarks of other games in the Grow community.

Grow analytics uses all of Soomla’s modules: Store, Profile and LevelUp. To benefit from the full power of Grow analytics, we recommend that you integrate all three.

To integrate Grow into your game, please follow our Getting Started Tutorial for Unity or Cocos2dx, and you’ll be ready to use the dashboard in no time!

Game Analytics Done Right

  • With Grow, you can see how all the core metrics of your game including ARPU, average session duration, social conversion in your game, and more.
  • Existing services such as GameAnalytics, Unity analytics and Flurry are all great, but the analytics you get are limited to the scope of your own game.  Grow is different because it allows data sharing. In the dashboard, you’ll be able to see aggregative analytics about other developers’ apps as well as your own. This feature makes it possible for you to compare your game to other indie games and see how you perform in terms of conversion, revenue and game progress.  It’s community driven analytics to the core – we like calling it “Unilytics”.

About the Grow Dashboard

To learn about the Grow Dashboard and the different metrics it displays, read our tutorial About Grow and watch our 5-minute video tutorial.

Enjoy using the Grow dashboard!

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