List of Game Review Sites

If you are an indie game developer, you might have had the idea of submitting your game for review at different game review sites. At the end of the post you can find a list of 150 sites that post reviews for iOS games. First, let’s discuss some of the merits in pursuing that path.

List of Game Review Sites

How many people read review sites

While it’s hard to get a reliable data point on this for the gaming industry you can find some data about the movie industry and use it as a general guideline. In a survey made by Amazon they found that only 2-3% took professional film critics seriously in their decision of what movie they should watch. If we use this stat as a guideline, you might be asking yourself if its worth the trouble.

Paid games vs. Free 2 play games

There is a big difference between getting a user to download a free game vs. a paid game. Getting a user to buy something requires a bit more effort and so review sites are coming in handy especially if your game lacks a brand or recognizable IP.

The ripple effect

Another positive outcome of getting reviewed is that the review might impact decisions made by different gate keepers. You are more likely to get more reviews by other publications. In addition, many games that get good reviews end up getting featured by Apple and finally, you have a better chance of striking a publishing deal.

Where to get reviewed

As promised earlier, here is the list – List on Maniac Dev site

In addition, you can also submit a request to get reviewed on the SOOMLA blog


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