Should Mobile Games Save the Game State

What is a game state?

Game state is a snapshot of the condition of all the objects in the game. In other words, its the values of all the variables representing the progress of the user through the game. It’s the level progress, the balances of the virtual goods, the virtual coins in the wallet, the missions completed and the badges awarded. It’s all that and much more if you are using AI to simulate a world with other automated players in it.Blog post meme - Game State

Mobile games are mostly single player games with local DB

The most natural way to store a game state in a mobile game would be…. Right – on the device. It’s simple, accessible and does not require setting up servers and spend a lot of time and effort that could have been invested in perfecting your game. Single players games are dominating the app stores and of course, these games, don’t require a server so setting up one only to save the game state would be a significant effort.

Players are expecting more now

However, times are changing and what game developers could get away with 2 years ago is not flying with users today. In a world where every user has multiple devices and those get upgraded quite frequently, users are expecting for more, and the standards are being pushed higher by well funded game developers. “Why can’t I pick up the game from my iPad on my OnePlusOne device and continue from where I left”, users are asking. Not to mention the frustration of the users who lost all their progress and had to start from scratch after they upgraded their phone.

The ideal solution – syncing game state seamlessly for free

The ideal solution from a developer stand point of course would be to store the balances to a local DB on the device and that everything else will take care of itself. In other words, its a solution that associates the game state with the social ID of the user and automatically backs up the state of the game to the server. Of course, this solution will also be free in a perfect world. In the real world – this solution is not to be found. That is, unless you are using SOOMLA.  We’ve recently opened signup for our new service GROW – community-driven game analytics.  We’ve also developed a stellar solution for cross-device game state synchronization which seamlessly syncs all user progress, balances and game state between different devices that are logged in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  If you’d like to apply for exclusive early access, drop us a line to




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