Unity Infographic

Unity is a curious company. What started from a 3-person garage stint for Mac game development has grown over 10 years to become a game engine behemoth. Today, Unity dominates the game engine market and boasts the biggest developer community in gaming. But just how big is Unity? How has it grown? What are some of its prominent milestones as a company?

Scouring the internet yields lots of data, but nothing visually appealing, concise and succinct as an infographic. That’s why we decided to set out to remedy this shortcoming. So, fellow developers – lo and behold – we give you… the first ever Unity infographic!

Unity Infographic


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Unity Infographic

What started from a 3-person garage stint for Mac game development has grown over 10 years to become a game engine behemoth.

Unity at a glance

  • Unity has grown to become the biggest game development tool on the market today
  • It is a cross-platform 3D game development system
  • Formed in 2004 as a tool for Mac OS
  • Comprised of a game engine and IDE

How big is Unity?

  • Unity holds 45% of the game engine market share
  • The company has a total of 479 employees, scattered across 18 offices worldwide
  • It has 3.3 million registered developers
  • There are 630,000 monthly active developers
  • Over 600 million gamers

Unity supports 17 platforms:

iOS, Mac, Android, BlackBerry 10, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation vita, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store Apps, Windows, Linux, Web players, PlayStation Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Tizen

How big is the Unity asset store?

  • 15,000 assets
  • 3800 asset creators
  • One million developers
  • Six million asset downloads a year

How is Unity growing?

  • Since September 2011, Unity has acquired four companies and startups: Playnomics, Applifier, Tsugi and Mecanim Control
  • It raised $17.5 million in three investment rounds to date
  • Among the notable games built with Unity are: Temple Run, Battlestar Galactica Online, Escape Plan, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, Deus Ex: The Fall, Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Unity’s history:

  • 2004 – Unity is founded in Copenhagen, version 1.0 released, supports only Mac
  • 2005 – Unity strikes first publishing deal, version 1.2 released
  • 2006 – Version 1.6 released, Unity was named an Apple Design Award Runner-up for „Best use of Mac OS X Graphics” at Apple’s WWDC
  • 2007 – Version 2.0 is released, first Unity conference for Unity developers held in San Francisco
  • 2008 – Unity Technologies tripled in size, the company became an authorized Wii middleware provider
  • 2009 – Version 2.6 released, Unity IDE supports Windows, Unity announced a free version
  • 2010 – 250,000 developers, version 3.0 released
  • 2011 – Unity named the #1 Game Engine by Game Developer Magazine readers, Asset store becomes #1 marketplace for developers, 750,000 registered developers, Unity supports Flash
  • 2012 – One million developers, version 3.5 released, awarded Best engine at Develop Awards
  • 2013 – Unity unveils the Unity Cloud, two million developers, version 4.3 released, the long-awaited 2D support arrives
  • 2014 – Version 4.6 released, 3.3 million developers, 5.0 beta announced, legendary CEO David Helgason steps down



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