Bees vs Hornets Review – RTS for mobile done right

bees_iconBees vs Hornets is a mobile game which will have you furiously tapping and swiping across your screen and before you know it, you’ve been playing it for three hours straight.

Available on Google PlayPublished less than two weeks ago by LazyBeeLabs, this arcade game was built for the Android platform, and puts you (the bees) against the computer (the hornets).

The premise of the game is quite simple: you are presented with a playfield consisting of pentagonal areas, with bees starting at one end, and hornets at the other. The goal is to conquer as many fields as possible, and once you’ve conquered them all, you’ve finished a level and can progress further.

The game of conquest

Conquering a field is simple – you just drag your finger from one field under your ownership to an empty one, or one under the hornets’ control. If the field is empty you can conquer it, and the amount of bees used for the conquering stays on that field.

Your reinforcements are spawned on the fields you own, so the longer you own certain fields, the more bees you will produce. However, fighting against the opponent also means losing a number of your flying warriors.

This is actually a real-time strategy game, and with bees reproducing really fast, and your opponent charging everywhere with the idea of conquest, it gets hyperintensive really fast.

bees ss1
Hornets are a tough adversary

Not only must you employ quick thinking, but you must also be very strategic in knowing which fields are crucial to your victory and how to conquer them. In certain levels you will be fighting hornets on multiple fronts, so you have to be very careful in choosing how many bees you send to which front.

You will be furiously swiping in all directions as the computer tries his very best to take over the map.

I have to say, the game is really *really* entertaining. It’s simple yet has so many options and such a strategic depth that you can play it for hours without it being boring.

I guess any isometric game (non-linear one), such as any competitive shooter or sports game, which always produces a different outcome, is addictive and entertaining. Bees vs Hornets is no different.

A well-rounded game

But what I really like about this game is that it looks and feels like a finished product. It has solid graphics, sweet user interface, smooth animations, quality audio background and an extensive in-game economy.

The sharing option is also thorough, as you can choose not only to share to Facebook and Twitter, but you can also Direct Message someone on Twitter, you can use Viber, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Dropbox, etc.

I usually see the in-game economy system as means of keeping a player interested in the game, but when it comes to Bees vs Hornets, it’s not really necessary. In such an environment, having a shop only adds another layer of complexity to the game, which is always a welcomed add-on.

cage 1
I’m sure Nicholas Cage would enjoy this game

The game features coins, which can be used to buy different power-ups for the game such as slowing down time, and coins can be acquired in many ways. You can either win them in-game, or earn some by watching video ads (a feature that’s becoming increasingly popular with indie developers).

When all other things fail, you can always use your credit card and buy a substantial amount of coins for real cash.

The game offers a bunch of levels (a total of 30 if I’m counting correctly) and some of them are extremely hard to finish, forcing you to buy power-ups to finish them.

Other than video ads, I haven’t seen any other ads, meaning the game won’t force you into watching or downloading anything, yet I’ve somehow ended up watching these ads as I really wanted extra coins to finish a level.

Enjoyable experience

All of this is topped by a well-built leaderboard of people with the highest score, most actions per minute (APM, or micro-management, as it’s known), most coins earned and most coins spent. There are also a bunch of achievements which you can collect to get extra experience, like chain-winning multiple levels and playing the game for a set amount of time.

All things considered, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed playing Bees vs Hornets. It’s a simple and fast-paced RTS game taking maximum advantage of the touchscreen interface. It looks nice, it’s fast and responsive and features cute soundtracks. With an extensive shop and rich leaderboards it gives the much needed replay value, and with multiple ways of earning coins, I can easily say it’s a finished, well-polished mobile product.

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