Soomla Announces the Whales Report

The Whales Report

We’re excited to announce Soomla’s first data product, the Whales Report.  Powered by the SOOMLA GROW network, the report helps developers spot users who paid in other games (“whales”) and tells you which users are more likely to pay in your game.  With this knowledge, you can take immediate action on these players by sending them personal messages and in-game promotions for example. Also, if a whale starts to drift away, you can send them push notifications for special offers and sales to get them back in your game.

To join the GROW network developers just have to agree to share their data back with other developers in the network. If you’ve implemented any of our SDKs, then getting the Whales Report is a sinch! Just download the GROW bundle (Unity | Cocos2d-x) and you’re good to go. The more studios that join the network, the more payer data everyone gets.

Sign up today to know your whales!

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