Announcing SOOMLA Integrations!

SOOMLA Integrations

We’re happy to announce a new section of the SOOMLA knowledge base: integrations. In this section, we showcase how SOOMLA can be integrated with other third-party vendors – including SDKs you’re likely to already be using for advertising, analytics, attribution and game servers.


We’ve created integration samples with six SDK providers so far including GameUp, GameAnalytics, OneSignal, Supersonic, TUNE and Unity Ads. By year end, we are planning on having over 20 SDK providers contribute code samples, so developers can learn how to improve their games. One area we are specifically committed to unlocking is cross-game data. For example, developers will be able to block ads from users who paid in other games.

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During the course of the last few months, we’ve received more and more requests from developers asking if and how the SOOMLA open source framework operates with other SDKs. The truth is that being a meta-game framework that handles all aspects of IAP, virtual economies, social and level design makes SOOMLA very practical for harmonious integration with third parties. Our simple API and event-driven architecture make it perfect for interweaving with other solutions. Some examples are:

  • Reward users with coins when they complete an offer from an offer wall.
  •  Offer users free coins in exchange for watching video ads.
  •  Reporting SOOMLA events and meta-data to analytics services
  •  Collect game progression and social engagement info to an attribution provider in order to identify which marketing channels account for your best users.
  •  Deliver push notifications to users based on their purchase history.
  •  Keep track of scores and records with a leaderboard server.

We’re inviting all SOOMLA developers to use our integration code samples and give us feedback. We’d also like to point out that the knowledge base is open source and available on Github – we encourage anyone who has integrated more third party providers to send pull requests with your code samples.

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