One reason to install 99 Slides

If you’re having game problems I feel bad for you, son, I play 99 Slides and I ain’t got none – Zay J.

iconThere’s something about these brain breaking games I can’t explain. By all laws of nature we should be avoiding them, yet once we play them we can’t get our hands off the phone.

99 slides is one of those games. It’s short, it’s fast and it will make you dizzy.

Available on Google PlayIf you needed one reason to install the game, then I’d say it’s simply a good game. It was created by Toughwin studios, on the Unity engine for the Android platform. It is a puzzle game with a simple premise: you need to slide your finger across the touchscreen in the right direction.

Simple and Effective

Simple enough, right? It’s even simpler when you know that there’s a giant arrow pointing in the direction you have to swipe. So, where’s the brain breaker?

It’s in the colour of the background. If the colour is green, you have to swipe in the direction the arrow points. If the background is red, you have to swipe into the exact opposite. All of that is being topped off by a timer, counting down 40 seconds.

99 slides screenshot
Which way is up?

That is all the time you have to swipe as many slides as you possibly can. Fail once, the game is over and you have to start all over again.

99 Slides follows the pattern of all great mobile games – it’s fast and the rounds are short. It’s ideal for when you’re waiting in line or riding the bus or train. Visuals are as simple as they can be, but I have to commend the smart colour scheme choice. I’ve seen these fast paced brain breaking games before, and placing aggressive, bright colours means asking for a headache. 99 Slides wisely chooses mild colours, making the game very enjoyable.

The Leaderboards

Still, that’s not the best feature. This game has probably put the Leaderboard function to best use. Opening leaderboards, you get to see your average reaction time for the first 10 slides, first 15 slides, 20 and so on. That way you can see how much focus you have on the game and how long it took your brain to start slowing down. For me, the average time for the first 10 slides was 766ms and for the first 15 was 778ms.

The leaderboards also offer a list of best sliders, where you can see how well you rank among the players of the world.

What strikes me as odd is that I have seen no signs of monetisation anywhere. No ads, no premium packs, no in-game currency. It seems as 99 Slides is a free-to-play game in the full meaning of the phrase.

Go get it

All things considered, 99 Slides is a proper mobile game. It uses the potential of the platform to the full, combining simple design and great gameplay. It is short and fast-paced, allowing it to be played while in line or while commuting, which is probably why mobile games are built in the first place.

Being competition-oriented, it has a high replay value, and together with great Leaderboard functions which can show you just how much you can improve, I can see 99 Slides becoming a great mobile game.

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