Soomla’s July Community Rockstar of the Month

July Rockstar – Čeněk Štrichel

This time around we’re going to the Czech Republic in Europe. There sits Čeněk Štrichel, developing games for both Android and iOS. He’s a enthusiastic developer, an active member of the Soomla forums, and a passionate gamer.548891_10201428524462429_1896629100_n

What is your favorite game and why?
I like many games, but for me, the best games are Mirror’s Edge and Starcraft. Mirror’s Edge was the first game I played immediately after I finished it, but on higher difficulty, of course. I’ve been playing Starcraft for the past 14 years. I first played Starcraft with my friends on LAN and then online. If you fight against a protoss named “Cenda” it’s me.

What motivates you to participate in the SOOMLA forums? And in the Open Source community in general?
First of all I didn’t know SOOMLA was open source. I kept seeing it on the Asset Store, but I was afraid that it would be too complicated for me to add to my games. I am not big programmer, but more of a 3D generalist. I was surprised to see how easy it was to use the Soomla framework. I am glad that I can use the system for social sharing and in-app purchases, so I wanted to give something back. As I mentioned I am not big programmer, therefore I am helping with another project of creating a 3D Soombot mascot.soomlabot

I really started using open source about two years ago. I used to use commercial software, so I was shocked to see how great open source software is. For example, I changed my Softimage for Blender and I will soon switch from Photoshop to Krita.

froggieHow are you incorporating SOOMLA into your game?
I am not using all SOOMLA features yet. For now, I use Store and Profile and I cannot imagine how I would have done this alone. I am very happy that the good guys of SOOMLA do it for me. And I’m also appreciative of the amazing SOOMLA community that helps as well.

What do you think is missing in today’s mobile game industry?
My games, I hope! 🙂 But in fact there are many great games. So the only thing missing piece is another way to play. I think that Oculus or similar virtual reality can help fill this gap. I really believe in projects like Google Cardboard. Everybody has a smartphone and if it will be some cheap device for virtual reality with a phone, it has big potential.

What are your plans for the future?labyrinth_shadow
I have many ideas for new games. I am currently working on a simple first person shooter. Later, I want to do a massive update for my first published and most successful game Froggie Jump. When I say massive update I mean total rewriting, better level design, and a lot more. Maybe it will be better to do Froggie Jump 2 🙂 I want to also add multiplayer to my games, Labyrinth Trap and Voxel Fly. But I really cannot wait to start working on my first game ever. I had to stop development because I still had a lot of ideas for this game, but not enough experience to finish it in high quality. I made a promise to myself that I would finish it one day. It is survivor horror game (it’s a theme I just love). I hope that it will be done during next year.

A big thanks to Cenda for helping the SOOMLA community. Make sure to check out Cenda Games online and on Facebook, and don’t forget to try some of his games!

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