Supersonic and SOOMLA Join Forces

Supersonic and SOOMLA are joining forces!  We’re happy to announce our partnership with Supersonic as part of our efforts to provide our devSupersonic + Soomlaeloper community with the best monetization solutions to complement the SOOMLA framework.  Using SOOMLA Store, Profile and LevelUp will help you create your game’s economy and progression curve.  By adding Supersonic’s rewarded ads between levels and currency shortage cut-points, you can now monetize all users equally.

Supersonic is a leading mobile advertising technology platform. It offers developers the ability to monetize users by serving beautiful rewarded video ads, interstitial ads and offerwalls, all in one SDK.  Supersonic commits to generating significant eCPM and a high fill rate to maximize revenue for game developers. Supersonic is now offering SOOMLA community members a $100 bonus when you integrate their SDK.

As a technology-driven company, we are happy to partner with another tech powerhouse such as Supersonic. We’ve created several code examples for Unity, iOS & Android to help you get started seamlessly.

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  1. Congratulations on your partnership with supersonic.

    we have an app in cocos2d-x and want to integrate supersonic offerwall, so can you tell how to integrate supersonic in cocos2d-x through soomla..Thank you..


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