Grow Insights – Know Your Users Better and in Real Time

“I don’t care if this user is a payer! He gets the same experience as everyone!” said no one ever.A graph going up with a magnify glass on a particular point.

Getting to know your users is one of the most important aspects of app development, especially when it comes to game development. But sometimes knowing your market in general just isn’t enough. How great would it be to be able to personalize your game to fit every user’s needs?

Grow Insights – bring out the U in Users.

Every user is different and needs a different approach. This is where Grow Insights comes into play, allowing you to receive insights about the user currently playing your game – in real time.

Grow Insights currently supports PayInsights which categorizes users according to their pay-rank per genre.

So, what can I do with it?einsbot

With more features coming soon, the sky is the limit.

  • Create special discounted bundles for paying users.
  • Adapt the game difficulty for specific users.
  • Create push campaigns.
  • Show ads for non-paying users.
  • A lot more… you can create your own personalization features and even share them with others on our forum.

Cool, but how does it work?

With the increasing growth of SOOMLA, more and more game developers are choosing to use it’s framework for economy, in-app-purchase, levels and scores management.Soomla InsightsWith this information at hand, SOOMLA can then analyze it and provide meaningful insights about each user seen in other games, while keeping his/her privacy as a top priority. In order to achieve these privacy requirements, SOOMLA never exposes the actual info, but rather a category to which this user belongs. For example, if a user purchased $15.80 worth of in-app-purchases, SOOMLA will only provide his/her category, which is “$10-$50.”

I’m sold! Now what?

Grow Insights is part of Grow.

To integrate Grow Insights in your game, please follow our Integration manual for Unity3D or Cocos2d-x.


Two early birds to integrate with Grow Insights are TUNE and GameAnalytics.  Special thanks to John Gu at TUNE and Martin Treacy-Schwartz from GameAnalytics for helping with the integration.  Check out their integration links here:  204655_GameAnalytics_Logo   Tune_Logo

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