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We love having guest posts on our blog because it offers a new perspective and voice to our readers. To better standardize our guest posting requirements, we’ve created some quick guidelines for guest bloggers to follow. So if you have a great idea that aligns with our audience and the topics, then feel free to apply for a guest blog post!

Why You Should Guest Post

We’re currently bringing in roughly 20,000 pageviews from 11,500 visitors a month.  We also have over 8,000 subscribers to our newsletter, so if you’re a passionate blogger and love the mobile game industry than we’d love to have you post. Guest posting is valuable for a variety of reasons. For us at SOOMLA it seems like second nature. We’re an open source company that believes in spreading the love be it with code or tips and tricks for the industry. It’s a great way to get involved in a community and share your knowledge.

Our Audience

SOOMLA is geared towards mobile game developers and anyone interested in the mobile game industry. We like to gear our content to these developers by writing about relevant and helpful topics about the industry. We provide posts that are actionable, helpful and insightful!

Quality Guidelines

We hold our posts to a high standard so here are some rules we live by when we’re posting:

  1. Original content – we encourage innovation and creativity. As we all know SEO is extremely important, so make sure your post has not been published anywhere else including your own blog. When you’re getting ready to guest post for us make sure you have an original idea and if it’s not show us a new angle. Make us and our readers think and be challenged!
  2. We encourage any and everybody to post, so even if you’re not a native English speaker we still want you to post. No worries we’ll help polish it off and make it perfect for publishing!
  3. Quick logistics:
    1. Catchy title and formatted nicely
    2. 500 word minimum – let’s be real you’ve got way more than 500 words to say
    3. Please include a short (3-4 sentence) bio so we know who wrote the post
    4. Proper citation – we don’t accept plagiarism here
    5. Visuals!! Make sure you include high-quality visuals AND a featured image that should be 200X200 px. Please include all source images, so we can make sure we’re A-okay to use them.
    6. While we’re happy to help promote other great companies, please be aware that this isn’t that type of platform. Limit your links in your post and if we feel there are too many we’re not afraid to take some out.
    7. Submit your post either as a Word Doc or Google Doc and attach all photos separately.

Topics We Like to Cover

We like to have a diverse blog, but we do try to focus on some particular topics that engage more of our users. The main topics include:

  1. Mobile gaming industry – be it SOOMLA related, open source in general, or industry insights, we want to know.
  2. Data, data, data – we’re on the data train and if you’ve got valuable tools, tricks or interesting insights we’d like to hear about ‘em and so would our users.
  3. Are you a developer? Have some handy tips for fellow developers – write a post! Share your knowledge and be a pal.

Become a Guest Blogger

If you think you’ve got a great idea and you meet these requirements then feel free to email us and we’ll get you published!

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