SOOMLA’s August Community Rockstar of the Month

August Rockstar – Durvesh Naik

Our next Rockstar of the Month post takes us to India. There, we meet Durvesh Naik, a passionate gamer and a motivated SOOMLA community member. Led by the “sharing is caring” mantra, he enjoys helping people as much as being helped by others.

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What is your favorite game and why?soomla tees

I love almost all genres, mainly strategies, FPS and sports. The Call Of Duty series is one of my favorite for PC, WWE’13 for consoles and Clash of Clans and Asphalt on Android. Then there are other titles like Assassin’s Creed, Counter-Strike, NFS, Road Rash, Mario, Don Bradmon Cricket 14, FIFA series, which are all great fun to play. I really like a majority of games.

What motivates you to participate in the SOOMLA forums? And in the Open Source community in general?

Open source helps all kinds of people by bringing them together and creating high quality technology with their extensive talent. It helps different types of teams as well, be they small or big. It gives studios the ability to take the basics and customize it to their needs.

SOOMLA is not just open source, but also has a lot of invaluable features which have been built with years of hard work, trial and error, and with a great free community. That’s what I love about SOOMLA, it has the passion for the mobile gaming industry.

I know the feeling when you try to implement new things in a project and then get stuck somewhere because you’re not familiar with the technology. Simple, small errors seem huge at the time and it can waste a lot of time sitting and trying to figure it out. Helping in the forum allows me to actively participate and help other developers.

Also, the satisfaction of solving others’ problems is just a brilliant feeling. I think everyone should try to do it. My favorite phrase is, “sharing is caring.”

How are you incorporating SOOMLA into your game?

We are currently implementing almost all modules of SOOMLA including Profile for Facebook login and leaderboard, the LevelUp module for unlockable levels, missions, rewards, as well as Store for in-app purchases and virtual currency, together with the SYNC module for storing data online.

What do you think is missing in today’s mobile game industry?

I see many new developers tend to have very innovative ideas that would make their games a big hit, yet they lack good graphics or addictive features to top the charts.

One should remember that, “your game should always look pleasant to the eye and deep enough for audience to comeback again and again.”

What are your plans for the future?

Our short term goal is to publish the WIP game. In the long-run, we’d like to publish more games and expand our little studio.

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Thank you Durvesh for helping the SOOMLA community, you’ve helped a lot of people. Make sure to check out Durvesh’s guest post on the SOOMLA blog, SOOMLA Upgrading Made Easy.

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