Game Review: ReWordz – A praiseworthy crossword puzzle

rewordz_iconIf you’re a fan of crossword puzzles and like to play games on your mobile phone, you’re gonna love ReWordz. It’s a simple, straight-to-the-point crossword puzzle with no redundant story lines, no unnecessary visual overload and, most importantly, no Farmville-themed interface.

Available on Google PlayAvailable on iTunesReWordz is a crossword puzzle mobile game built by BountyFly for iOS and Android-powered devices. The premise is simple – you’re presented with a tiled square full of seemingly randomly placed letters, and your goal is to find predefined words hidden in those letters.

The non-linearity

When you first start the game, you’ll be greeted with a beautifully drawn welcome interface. In the centre you will find the “Play” button, which has a “pulsating” animation just in case you can’t spot it right away.

It offers you the Facebook connect feature, which allows you to save your progress and share with your friends. It also shows how much experience, coins and tickets you own.  But I’ll touch on that subject a bit more later on.

The game offers eight categories to choose from, each having an “Easy,” “Medium” and “Hard” difficulty setting. The Easy set up is a 7×7 board with a maximum of 10 words, Medium offers a 9×9 board with up to 14 words, while Hard spawns an 11×11 board, with up to 18 words.

rewordz screenshot
You can even learn a thing or two through this game, like names of famous composers

Every word you find rewards you with coins and every passed level rewards you with experience.

Why is this important? Because coins allow you to buy power-ups to ease your playing, while experience points unlock higher levels, which then unlock new categories.

There are an additional 22 categories to choose from, as you advance in levels. So in total – 30 categories, each offering three modes. This is a large game and only gets bigger.

The power-ups I mentioned earlier are a great way to open up a new dimension in a seemingly unexpandable game and have players stick around for much longer. It actually made me want to try all modes, easy, medium and hard, on virtually every category available.

Rewarding the player

Power-ups are all you could expect from a game like this one. Once you start a new board, a timer kicks in, measuring how long it took you to find all the words.  The final result can then be shared with friends over social media. Power-ups include hiding letters which are not used by any words on the board, highlighting first letters of certain words, freezing time and finally, showing you an entire word.

These power-ups cost coins, which are obtained by finding words.

After all of this, there was one final test the game had to pass – the replay test – and it passed with flying colours.

Each time you restart the game (in any category, on any difficulty), it gives you a somewhat different set of words and a new board. This means that the game offers much more than 90 levels – I’ll go ahead and guess that it can give you almost endless combinations (although I haven’t tried that many).

Closing comments

In pretty much every game I review I find a flaw, and offer some way the developer can improve its product and offer an even better game. However, with ReWordz I am at a loss for words (pun definitely intended).

In its genre, the game is perfect. It’s beautifully made. It’s simple, yet twists and expands the known formula to give the player a lot of replay value. It’s huge, and being non-linear, it can basically offer countless hours of fun.

All of this for free – with a few ads I’ve seen pop up here and there. Totally worth the shot.

October 1 Edit – The game’s creator, Ronen Vaanunu, reached out to Soomla recently to draw our attention towards a fairly large update he has made to the game. The update which, among other things, brings a new mode to the game has enriched an already rich gaming experience.

The added mode is called Challenge and, instead of a preset list of words, you are only presented with a topic, the number of words you must find, and the number of letters each word has.

Additionally, there is no timer, but instead you are given a number of moves. With a total of 200 new levels, with topics ranging from food to astronomy, not only does it give the game countless more hours, but it also makes you learn a thing or two (I, for one, didn’t know there was a colour called Buff).

It is a good update, and definitely a move in the right direction.

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  1. Hi Sid,

    I’m Ronen, the developer of ReWordz. Thank you very much for the review. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!
    Last week I’ve released a major update to the game, which includes a new game mode called “Challenge” and contains over 200 levels. Is there a chance you could add it to the review?

  2. Hi Ronen, thanks for reaching out to me! I’ve played through the update, well done! The review has been refreshed! Cheers, Sid


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