How to Elevate Your Work-for-Hire Game Studio

How to Be a Work-for-Hire Game Studio?

Work for hire (WFH) is work created by an employee, but where the employer keeps all, or parts of copyright for the work done. In some parts of the world this is known as corporate authorship and it has become an important part of today’s business model.WFH

Our CEO, Yaniv Nizan, recently gave a presentation on how work-for-hire studios can drive success and inbound leads with content marketing, open-source code, community building and other marketing tactics.

There is no doubt about it – work for hire is a tough business. It is unpredictable work and there’s potential risk your reputation. Margins are low and cash flow problems are almost unavoidable.

How We Get Inbound Leads and How You Can Too

Our blog has 100,000 monthly pageviews

The tactics that we use for inbound leads can easily be applied to WFH studios trying to gain work. We focus on content marketing, community, and, as always, open source to gain inbound leads and it works.

Open Source Projects

SOOMLA is a company based in open source and we truly believe that open source is always the way to go. We open source all our code and encourage developers to use it as they need to. This can be applied to work for hire studios. Publish your projects as open source or if you’re not comfortable doing that, become active in an open source community. You’ll engage with fellow developers and gain credibility and authority for your studio.

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We blog twice a week and we’re now getting approximately 100,000 pageviews a month. To drive maximum value we repurpose our content. A blog post can be transformed into a slide share presentation and then published on Slideshare or SlideDeck.  It can also be turned into an infographic which can be posted nearly anywhere. Use one piece of content to cover multiple mediums even YouTube. To get more ideas about repurposing content, check out Google’s “47 ways to repurpose content.”


We love our community and in the beginning focused a lot of our efforts on building that community. We have a hand full of developers that have become SOOMLA advocates and are trusted SOOMLA spokespeople. Some of them have established such a strong reputation in our forum that it has led to them receiving other business opportunities.

Mailing List

It is still proven that email marketing is at times better than social media marketing. We have a growing mailing list which currently has more than 9,00 people and we regularly send out newsletters to our followers. We share major updates, announcements, and posts that we think our community will find useful. You should use your newsletter to interact with your followers and update them about announcements, offers/projects, and anything else you think they’d like to know about the company.

SDK Fatigue

Building a strong community opens up new opportunities

SDK fatigue is real and as a WFH studio you can use this to your advantage.  All SDK providers struggle with distribution and as a WFH you can help with this problem. You can refer customers and help them reach more customers. Most providers are willing to pay and usually a hefty sum as well. As a WFH studio, you’re well situated and should take advantage of this opportunity. We even have a partner program that addresses this problem for us. Check it out and see if it’s right for you.

To conclude, it is important to know that the success of WFH studios requires that demand is higher than the supply. Various content marketing strategies will get you inbound leads, building a community can get you to outsource your projects, and you can take advantage of SDK fatigue.

Check out these slides for more details:

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