SOOMLA’s Enormous Value For Mobile Game Studios

Sometimes people ask us what SOOMLA is all about. We offer different products from an open-source framework to cutting edge data services and we wanted to make sure you get what we do. So let me go ahead and lay out SOOMLA’s products and explain them to you.Dafi's Post

SOOMLA – An Open Source Framework

Let’s start with the basics, SOOMLA offers 3 open source modules that help create rich, engaging and monetizable games: Store, LevelUp and Profile. The framework is modular, so you can choose which modules you do or do not want to integrate.

Soomla Store
is a smart and fast way to add in-app purchase to your game and basically create your entire virtual economy. Store is based on a flexible economy model that suits almost every F2P game out

When you use Store, you don’t only get easy to use APIs to add in app purchase services like Google Play, App Store or Amazon Store, but you also get:

  • All your users’ balances stored on the device
  • A Smart event system that will notify you about whatever happens with the economy
  • Receipt verification with a flick of a switch

The second module within the framework is the game design module we like to call SOOMLA LevelUp.  With this module you can incentivise your players to progress, unlock new content and earn virtual goods / currency.

LevelUp helps you manage the user’s state within your game:levelup

  • You can manage the user’s Score, Level Completion state and other valuable parameters.
  • You can listen to the smart event system provided by SOOMLA in order to display the right screens inside the game.
  • LevelUp allows you to create your game’s gate system which will control how your users play your game. Just select the right gate for you, associate it with a level and your game will magically ‘understand’ if the level is playable or not.

And of course, just like with SOOMLA Store’s balances, everything is kept encrypted on the device in SOOMLA’s on-device key-value database technology.

SOOMLA Profile offers easy implementation handling the user’s social engagement using one API for all social networks, allowing users to easily Like, Share and tweet anything you choose in your game.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 14.10.53

profilePlayers love to get rewarded for performing social interactions within your game, with Profile it’s easy to do so. Since the module is part of the SOOMLA framework (it can be connected to Store & LevelUp), you can easily perform actions like giving a reward to users who tweet their score.

GROW – Free Backend and Smart Data Platform

The second family of products that SOOMLA offers is an awesome set of data and game enrichment services:

GROW is a new and innovative data network. You can use Grow to gain valuable insights about your users  and enrich your in-game experience through an amazing set of backend services that complements the client side open-source framework into a perfect solution every F2P game needs.  In the end, GROW provides you with tools to increase monetization and engagement of VIP users and easily drive your in-game experience to a next level.

GROW includes the following products:

insights Insights brings you powerful information about your users in real-time. This information ranges from the user’s purchasing habits to his/her social behaviour in the same game genre or in all other genres. You can use these insights to take actions on your users during gameplay, when it really matters. Some of the actions you can take are:

  • Create special prices/discounted bundles for paying users in your genre
  • Adapt the game difficulty for specific users
  • Display ads for non-payers only
  • Create push campaigns
  • Identify the time of the day the player is likely to purchase and send him/her offers accordingly

 whales If you use SOOMLA Store and join Grow, you’ll receive a weekly Whales Report to your inbox. This report identifies the paying players in your game from the Grow data network and tells you how many payers from other games you’ve managed to convert and how much money you left on the table.

A couple of very interesting metrics you can find in the report are:

  • The number of new players in your game that played other games in the Grow network and have paid – these are the players you surely want to convert.
  • The number of players in the Grow network that paid only in your game – if the number is high and increasing from week to week it means you’re doing something right 😀

analytics The Analytics Dashboard provides you with useful information  about your games. You can investigate its performance, analyze revenue, retention and a lot more.

Unlike other Analytics Dashboards, Grow’s Analytics Dashboard is built from our long experience with games and after investigating what mobile game studios really need. And it’s FREE like all other Grow products…so why are you still here? 😉

backend Grow’s Backend services include some amazing tools that almost automatically wrap your game with a layer of richness that makes it amazingly engageable:

  • Social Leaderboards let your players compete with their friends.
  • Gifting lets your players help their friends by sending them coins, lives and upgrades.
  • Sync lets your players pick up where they left off regardless of the device they’re using.
  • Economy Management lets you save your users’ in-game balances of soft purchases and currencies and then restore them on fresh installs to keep players engaged.
  • Fraud Protection lets you secure your in-app purchases by marking and blocking fraud suspects, receipt validation and identifying abnormal purchase behavior. This feature takes the receipt validation from the SOOMLA Store module and adds a sophisticated layer for advanced verification.


Now that you know all about SOOMLA’s products, it’s time to go get ‘em. The value is truly amazing and it’s all done with LOVE for you. Join the Grow network and be a part of the biggest thing in mobile gaming.

We’re continuing to work on adding more features to help you get the most from your games.

If you have any cool ideas, special requests or any comment don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you want, you can even contact the entire SOOMLA community with any question you have about the open source framework or about Grow.

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