Tips to Monetize Your Mobile Game App

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The growing popularity of mobile game apps aren’t hidden from anyone. Thanks to the efforts put in by app developers, there are mobile games that can be cherished by people of all age groups.Amanda Cline Featured Image If you too have recently developed a mobile game or plan to build one, then stay informed that there’s a lot to achieve than simply entertaining the gaming lovers worldwide. Well, you can go ahead and monetize your game to earn a good income instantly. One of the most vital points that should be kept in mind, is that the users of your game shouldn’t get upset while you’re busy focusing on implementing your strategy of monetizing the game. Don’t fret because with this post, I aim to highlight some of the simplest tips to help you earn quick cash from your mobile game. So, let’s get on with uncovering each tip one by one!

Offer Novelty on a Regular Basis

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Ensure to update your game app regularly in addition to offering the app users some novel that would make them stay in your app for a duration of time. For instance, you can choose to give handy customization options, small rewards for sharing details about your game among friends and family etc. Additionally, you must also ensure the smooth functioning of different UI elements that have been incorporated within your app. Some of the key UI elements that I’m referring to include the button functions, cursors, font size, keyboards etc. Here, you may even opt for choosing one of the most renowned mobile application development companies which can help you in proper alignment of your app’s UI elements.

Choose the Pay-Per-Episode Monetization Model

Best suited to make money from serious gamers, the Pay-Per-Episode monetization model allows you to break down the mobile game into bite-sized episodes which can later be sold at discounted prices as compared to the original one-time cost of the entire game. Apart from working as an excellent option for monetizing your game, the Pay-Per-Episode model would allow your app to enjoy a higher presence on app stores which are already loaded with hundreds of look-alike game apps.

Make the Most of In-App Purchases

Another easy way to make money via your game app is to offer the players an opportunity of purchasing in-game items using the in-game currency. Here, don’t make the mistake of designing the app in context of a game where it is mandatory to grab the in-game items for playing the game. The players must be wooed via in-game content that’s available in the form of new characters with exclusive abilities, impressive power-ups that offer a unique player experience, tempting skins, new levels with distinguished challenges and a lot more.

Offering Cash Rewards Can Do the Trick

Amanda Cline_Pay-Per-EpisodeHaving worked for fitness and shopping apps, the concept of paying users real money is beneficial for monetizing even mobile games. As an app developer, you can get on with taking stake for the players by enabling them to make several bets on the result/outcome of a particular round in the mobile game. For instance, if you’ve created a bowling game, then you can offer players a unique flexibility of placing their bets starting at $0.50 about how they will perform in the game. In this way, you can conveniently augment your advertising revenue.

Embrace the Freemium App Monetization Model

While a majority of mobile game lovers prefer downloading and playing the free versions of games, there are some advanced/serious gamers who never refrain from paying a sum of cash in order to access the premium version of the game. Hence, as an app owner/developer, you can get on with offering a free “lite” version of your basic mobile app in addition to charging a specific fee from gamers who showcase their interest in gaining access to the advanced levels within the game. A vital point that needs to be kept in mind is that the premium levels of the game must include exquisite tools and features that can make the gamers say WOW. Moreover, don’t forget to mention the benefits of making payment for the entire game. Doing this will undoubtedly tempt the free gamers into upgrading to the premium version for the app.

Cross-Marketing Your App is a Viable Option

Quite similar to the ad exchange program, the trend of cross-marketing the app will serve as a contemporary method of advertising your game app to the world of game lovers. You can get in touch with renowned mobile game app developers and ask them to display your app’s download link within their app. In exchange, you too can provide a link to the app that was developed by the respective app developer. Additionally, you can also opt for an effective affiliate marketing program wherein you can advertise other developers’ mobile game apps within your app- receiving a specific amount of cash from them.  


Now that you know the top tips on quick monetization for your mobile game, it’s time to choose the one that will render you maximum returns on your mobile game and help you grow your income by an impressive level.

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