Game Review: Banny Sammy – Physics Puzzle – A Tasty Puzzle Game

roll_iconFrom time to time, playing Banny Sammy – Physics Puzzle has had me saying “how the hell am I supposed to do that?” Considering that this is a puzzle game, that is actually quite a good thing.

Available on Google PlayAvailable on iTunesBanny Sammy is a puzzle mobile game built by Vietnamese indie game development studio Senspark. In it, two heads – one of a bear and one of a monkey – need to eat their food. Your task is to navigate those heads to their corresponding food, and you do that by employing the game’s physics and snapping various obstacles to get the heads rolling.


Eat SS 1The game looks quite good, actually. With bright colors and solid animations, the game will be a joy to watch, and with the game’s moving parts not being too small it will also be a joy to play, even on smaller displays. I have tested it on a 5.5-inch LG G3 Android smartphone, but the game’s developers say the game looks somewhat different on various devices.

“Different graphics set to fit all of your devices. Enjoy the crisp characters on your phones and tablets,” the game’s description page says. This can sometimes be crucial, as I have played games before that have forced me to stop simply because certain elements were too small for me to tap on.

Banny Sammy is accompanied by a simple, cheerful tune. Although I’m not a big fan of tunes that remind me of Google commercials, it sat quite nicely in this game. Too invasive tunes can be a nuisance, especially in puzzle games, which is why it was important to get this aspect right.


Yet in puzzle games, visuals are nowhere near as important as gameplay, and Banny Sammy – Physics Puzzle passes this test with flying colors. The game has a total of 144 levels, split into four stages, offering tons of gameplay. As the game progresses, it adds new mechanics and puzzles to the game, keeping the player interested for a longer period of time. A different stage also means different looks (to a certain degree), which also adds an extra layer of complexity to the game.

Moreover, the game features a couple of power-ups, which is a great add-on and opens up new possibilities to solve the puzzles. With a total of four power-ups (bubble, tornado, bird and hammer), it gives the player more depth.

These power-ups can be obtained either through the game, in various ways, or they can be purchased for real cash. It is a good solution for those who are impatient. Those who wish to tease their brain a bit longer can do so, as I managed to pass quite a lot of this game without using a single power-up.

EAT SS 2However, don’t think you will pass the game in one go – the number of lives you have to spend is limited and regenerates over time, or through your social networks. If you are out of lives, you can send your friends a notification on social media, and you will be rewarded with extra game time.

I’m not a big fan of this approach, as various FarmVille’s and ClashOfClan’s have managed to annoy so many people on Facebook with the constant notifications that it might actually be counter-productive to have such a feature in 2015, soon to be 2016.

Tasty puzzle

All things considered, Banny Sammy is a good-looking, fun mobile puzzle game. With tons of levels and mind-boggling puzzles, it will keep its players interested for days, months even. Different stages and various power-ups add an additional depth to gameplay, and with cute characters and bright colors, it’s bound to attract both the older and the younger audience.


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