Game Review: Jumpy will have you sighing helplessly

jumpy_iconAfter playing Jumpy for some time, I have realized two things about myself – one, that I’m an incredibly stupid person and two – that I’m capable of laughing out loud at my own stupidity, even though I’m all alone in the office, with no one around but my smartphone.

Available on Google PlayAvailable on iTunesThat is pretty much what this game will do to you. Either that, or you’ll throw it out the window, like people used to do with Flappy Bird, because these two games have a lot in common.

They don’t share the same game mechanics per se – there are no out-of-shape birds or Super Mario-styled pipes in this game. There is only a bouncy ball and a whole lotta stairs to be climbed.

More than an endless runner

jumpy ss 1What they do share is the same gameplay approach – you need to have basically perfect reflexes and steel nerves to pass the game. Failure is, in almost every instance – not an option.

Where Jumpy takes it a step further is that this is not just an endless runner game – it has two types of games and one can actually be completed.

So what is this game all about? In Jumpy, you assume the role of a presumably rubber ball, jumping its way up a lot of stairs. The ball jumps on its own, but when a certain obstacle appears (like spikes, for example), you are required to tap the screen and jump over it.

While it sounds simple enough in theory, in practice you will come to realize that not only do you have bad reflexes, but you also get annoyed by your own stupid self quite fast.

The game features two modes, one being in levels, and the other one, which is coming soon – an endless running game.

Entertaining and engaging

The type of game you can play is thoroughly entertaining – out of the ten levels available I have managed to finish only four, and every level has had new and interesting obstacles to keep me fully focused. Those obstacles vary from popping spikes, to disappearing stairs, to balls jumping twice as high, etc.

In terms of visuals and music, it is clear that this is a game where gameplay is in focus and not the looks, but it still looks good enough to compete with the best of the action/puzzle games out there. I also found the audio background quite entertaining and a good fit.

jumpy ss 2Unfortunately, the game does not feature a shop, meaning there is no place or way for me to purchase various power-ups like the 2x jump one I got in one of the levels, which is really a shame. Hopefully, future versions of the game will bring a shop and with it more depth to the already highly addictive game.

The game earns its keep by serving ads to players once a level is complete. The ads are not too annoying (one in every three or four attempts) and they are usually well-chosen (I was getting mostly game ads).

Worth your time

Looking at the game as a whole I can easily say it’s a good product. It is stripped of all the unnecessary things and the player is left with just what’s important – playing the game. It looks and sounds decent, the controls are simple enough to be good for a hand-held device.

The levels are hard, and with very little space for error, it will hook you and won’t let go until your battery is completely drained.

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