Game Review: Tiny Chick – A spin-off worth your time

iconIf, for some strange cosmic reason, you could only ever install one Flappy Bird spin-off and you were in a dilemma which game to choose – you should definitely go for Firebeast’s Tiny Chick.

Available on Google PlayAvailable on iTunesThis game is the perfect example how spin-offs can actually be really entertaining when done right – and looking at Tiny Chick, getting that ‘right’ requires the biggest effort of all – an idea.

Tiny Chick is a 2D arcade endless runner game in which a tiny chick is tasked with jumping over a bunch of obstacles, very similar to those pipes in Flappy Bird.

Jump to win

screenshot1The main difference is that the chick is not actually moving. It’s just standing there, rooted to the ground, waiting for you to react. In order to have the tiny bird jump over the obstacle, you need to press the screen and hold it pressed until its jumping power is charged.

As it charges, a trajectory is pointed out in a form of a dotted line. The longer you press, the higher the jump. The tricky part here is that you can’t modify your trajectory, and you can’t set it up slowly.

It goes from 0 to 60 in a split second, meaning you have less than an eyeblink of time to figure out how long you need to have the screen pressed in order for the chick to jump through the obstacle. Miss by a millisecond and it will smack its pretty little head right across the wooden wall in a hilarious manner, followed by equally entertaining audio.

Modern pixel art

In essence, the game is strikingly similar to Flappy Bird. But just this – this little twist in gameplay, the original idea, should be enough to see the game succeed on the global stage.

But the game has much more to offer.

Its visuals feature straight lines and bright colors, in a ‘modern pixel-art’ fashion – something we’ve seen in Crossy Road, for example. People obviously like pixel art, so why not give it to them, right? Only in these modern iterations, that art is much, much better, and that’s coming from someone who spent half of his lifetime playing pixel-art games.

The game also expands on its tiny universe by adding 14 additional characters, which can be purchased with coins – the in-game currency. That way, if the little yellow chick is not really your thing, you can buy yourself an afro chick, a spiderman chick, deadpool chick, and a bunch of other chicks from various pop-culture instances I couldn’t really recognize. Shame on me.

Coins can be obtained by playing the game and watching a rewarded-video ad, but that’s not what surprised me the most.

screenshot_2The game offers a nifty little feature that’s rarely seen in endless runner games, but in reality should be featured a lot more – a chance to continue where you failed without having to start all over again.

The game offers such a scenario in case the player wants to watch a video ad and, after almost breaking my previous record before failing, I was more than happy to watch a 30-second ad for Google on India. Not sure why such an ad would reach me, but I still enjoyed it, as it helped me break the record.

The option to continue a run is only offered once per game and, if I understood correctly, only shows up if you had already achieved a significant result. Well thought!

In conclusion, I must say I really like this game. It looks nice, feels nice, plays nice and is fairly addictive. Some Play Store comments say the game freezes and crashes every now and then, but that is yet to happen to me. Highly recommended.

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