Game Review: Wheels on Farm – One for the long term

iconWheels on Farm is probably the best game I have ever reviewed on this blog. If not the best, then – definitely – the most complete one that ticks all the right checkboxes.

Available on Google PlayThe game, created by GeekToGeek game development studio (not to be confused with the shady dating site) is a combination of those dirt bike games with real life physics and puzzle games, set in a FarmVille-like ambient.

It features tons of levels rich with fresh ideas and innovation, and is topped off by quality visuals which breathe a sense of humor in the game.

[UPDATE 24/1/2017]: The game is now available on iOS: and Tizen:


In the game, the player takes control of a slightly crazy farmer (I can tell by the tongue hanging out and his eyes being crossed), which sits down in his 4×4 jeep even before the sun rises up. He has to do all the usual stuff an average farmer does, like pick up watermelons, lumber, or just race across his farm because, you know – he can.

Screenshot_2015-12-15-09-45-46Even though they might sound like mundane tasks to a farmer – they are by no means easy. Picking up and driving farm stuff from point A to point B will be a difficult and puzzling task, one which will have you testing out different ideas before figuring out how to best finish the level.

The game is additionally spiced up by a couple of owls hanging around – one will help you, while the other will just start breaking your car, which was quite a nasty shock when I first saw her take part of my trailer away.

But what I liked best about the game is the richness it has in innovation – it has dozens of levels, yet it still manages to surprise you with new ideas as you progress. Things like racing against the computer, computer co-op or fruit and wood delivery, which are available in advanced levels, really make you feel like you’re making progress.

Multiplayer madness

I was very pleased to see that the game features a multi-player mode as well, with two cars and two drivers. The second farmer is an old lady, I’m guessing our main protagonist’s mother, who is slightly off in her own way, but nevertheless is a good farmer.

In the multiplayer mode, you will have to work with your friends to load the contents in a truck (which can sometimes be extremely difficult), and sometimes you will have to push one another uphill to reach your destination.

Visuals and audio

Screenshot_2015-12-15-10-20-48This is, by all standards, a really, really nice looking game. With bright colors and many details, it is a joy to watch, and the animations which follow simple laws of physics are crafted with filigree precision. The changes in the background have been incorporated into the backstory. The player starts sometime before dawn and has to drive during the night. Slowly, as he moves further through the game, the sun will gradually start appearing, changing the landscape. This is such a simple, yet ingenious solution to shake things up in the game and not have the same boring background on every level.

A good job was also done with the audio. Although a bit stereotypical, the game is followed by a banjo-rocking, mouth-organ grooving sound which fit perfectly with the game.

Try it!

I cannot recommend this game enough. It has everything you need for a great mobile experience – it’s well crafted, features beautiful and hilarious animations. It is rich in content with dozens of levels, and has simple commands. The puzzles are fun, engaging and innovative, and the multiplayer mode is something you definitely ought to try out. Wheels on Farm is simply a great game.

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