How to Turn a Boring Team Meeting into Fun

There seems to be a general acknowledgment that it can be, at times, difficult to keep morale and motivation up in an office. It’s important to keep employees happy and motivated so they can deliver their highest quality work. Awhile back we were facing this problem and we revamped our weekly meetings to overcome this problem.

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The Problem

Every Sunday, we have a company wide meeting to go over the weekly updates. We discuss future plans, business decisions and updates from the different teams. We believe that these meetings are important in every company, big or small, so employees feel included and valued. It is also a great way to emphasize company goals and make sure everyone’s in sync.

The problem for us was that our meetings felt like a lecture in college, where the information was being delivered in a dull manner and all the employees sat quietly and listened.

We imagined the meetings to be a free environment where there could be open discussions and everyone could speak their mind. Everyone’s opinion matters and we wanted our employees to feel like they could speak freely and be heard.

How to fix the problem?

We came to realize that the most important thing for the employees was state of mind. When you are in a good state of mind you are more open, you get more creative and you are more friendly.

To change the employee’s state of mind

There is no need to change the content of the weekly meetings, we just needed to change the employee’s state of mind. To accomplish this we decided we needed to change the general environment in the office – we needed to get creative.

In addition to the weekly meetings, we have a Thursday snack and activity after lunch. Each week a different employee is in charge of bringing a treat and an activity for the team. The activities don’t need to be long, roughly 30 minutes. The activities should however include: teamwork, competitions, creativity and fun.

Ideas for activities in the office

Over the past few months we’ve come up with a variety of great games for the office. They all take roughly half an hour and can be done inside or outside. Heads-Up-for-PC-Windows-7810-and-Mac

General Games:

  1. Charades: You could play the original way. Or a different version called Head’s Up (an app on your phone or tablet). You divide into two groups, each employee holds the phone to his or her forehead and the teammates need to mime or give clues to what is written on the screen. The app takes a video of the whole things which is great to watch afterwards.
  2. Salad Bowl: There are three rounds in the game: 1) verbal clues 2) act it out (no words) 3) one word clue. The team with the most points after the 3 rounds wins!
  3. Competitive Trivia: Divide into 2 teams and play trivia! We usually use Triviaplaza which has many trivia idea options.
  4. Other Ideas:
    Office Beer Pong
    1. Hangman
    2. Pictionary

Active Activities:

  1. Beer Pong: The very-well known college game. 
  2. Treasure Hunt- it can be in the office or outside around the office building
  3. Escape Rooms- This is an out of office activity and is great for team bonding and problem solving.  Not all cities have Escape Rooms, but if your city does, then go! An Escape Room is a team activity in which the participants get locked in a room and must use clues to escape. 
SOOMLA team at Escape It Tel Aviv

Getting to Know You Games:

  1. Two Truths and a Lie: Each coworker tells two truths and one lie. The others need to guess which one is the lie.
  2. Try your coworkers hobbies: For example, I am a pastry chef, so I brought cupcakes and frosting and showed everyone how to decorate a cupcake. Everyone decorated their own and then ate it 🙂

Engage Your Employees and Bring Fun to Your Office

Fun in the office is important and valuable to any company. Try to do as many fun activities as possible even if it is just going out for beer, watching funny videos or playing a game. It will lighten the atmosphere and make the office a better and more productive work environment. 

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