Game Review – Spartania: The Spartain War – A Game Changer in the Strategy Genre

SpartaniaLogo150Available on Google PlayAvailable on iTunesSpartania: The Spartan War is the Angry Birds version of Clash of Clans, meaning cartoon-ish characters in a free strategy mobile game that aims to appeal not only to die hard fans of strategy games but to casual gamers as well.


The storyline takes place in a made-up Spartan city, Spartania, where an army of Spartans re-group on account of war and their burning need for glory. The Spartan soldiers, led by their commander (the gamer) engage in war with various enemies in order to become the strongest army that ever was. The gamer must plan a defense strategy for the home base as well as an offense strategy in an offense camp. Basically, playing this game allows you to swap between camp types, build and upgrade many cool defense buildings, train different kinds of troops and battle your way up the game’s world leaders chart.

The game encourages you to play and battle against other players, attack their base camps and take all their available loot. The real challenge is – you only get 45 seconds for every battle, so it’s best to stay alert. Spartania also features cool perks like usingphoto_2016-01-19_14-25-23 your Facebook friend’s commander for help in battle, playing against gamers worldwide and occasional bonuses in the shape of green Ambrosia bottles (according to the game, warriors often leave them behind after late night parties…). Spartonix, the game’s creators, implanted many hidden jokes along the way which, combined with the amiable animation style, are sure to raise an occasional smile.

One must carefully plan a strategy in Spartania – you are often faced with the dilemma of either strengthening your offense, winning battles and gaining resources or strengthening your defense, ensuring no one steals your resources from you and upgrading your mines and food collectors (Spartans’ training requires a whole lot of food). Add the fact that the game will occasionally send barbarians after your homebase and you’re in for some hard-core battles and strategy. A small game tip for you – notice the order you send your soldiers into battle. I can say that sending my archers and mages in first proved quite rewarding…

Visuals and audio

Spartania managed to create a unique style when it comes to the popular strategy games currently out there. The characters in Spartania have no arms or legs but floating hands, hooves and feet, Rayman style. Seasons often change in Spartania, so perfectly bright skies in the morning could result in heavy snow in the evening and there is constant movement on screen (clouds and leaves passing by, soldiers marching in the background…). The game’s characters try to look tough but actually end up looking kinda cute with their greek-chic outfits and funny war cries.

Spartania is a lot to take in at first, with buttons and information on all four corners of the screen, which makes the tutorial quite useful (and surprisingly entertaining). The game takes time to advance in – training soldiers and upgrading buildings will take time but can also happen immediately if you spend your Ambrosia bottles. These are occasionally granted free by the game but if you wish to advance faster you’ll have to purchase them in the game’s in-app store.image_2015-12-14_15-49-58

Try it out

To sum it up, Spartania is definitely fun to play and rather easy to figure out. It might be a strategy game but it’s clear to see the game’s designers wanted to make sure it appeals to anyone, and I believe it does. It’s the kind of strategy game that both an Angry Birds fan and a Clash of Clans fan would enjoy. The player can choose between a male or a female commander, the animation is relatable and the game does require the right amount of strategy planning without making it too complicated or dreary. So yeah, I say it’s well worth you checking it out, I know I enjoyed it!


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