New Ad Network Integration: Chartboost Meets GROW

(1200x600) Chartboost Integration

You can now see your ad network data in the GROW Dashboard. You’ll find impressions, clicks, CTR, clicks per user and more!

We started with adding the Chartboost integration for Unity and in the following weeks we’ll be adding more ad integrations such as Unity Ads, AdMob and RevMob.

The integration is so easy it’s magical

You can find the new Chartboost Integration in the new Ad Network section or in the Integrations page in the GROW Dashboard:



To integrate Chartboost download and import the Unity package from the Chartboost Integration page. Import the package into Unity, go to Window > GROW Settings in the menu bar, then add your game and environment keys into the fields in the GROW Panel. Click theChartboost_GROWPanel “Integrate GROW into current scene” button – and that’s it!!

Why is this so important for developers?

We believe that integrating ad network data into the GROW dashboard will provide lots of value for game developers.

  1. Compare ad revenue vs. IAP revenue: lots of F2P games have multiple revenue sources, but the tools aren’t geared for showing all of them in one place comparatively. With GROW ad network integration you’ll soon be able to do this.
  2. Ad Network Audit: having another set of eyes on your clicks and impressions is always good. Use our metrics to compare and validate what you see in ad network’ dashboards.
  3. Unified dashboard: our long term vision is to provide developers with one dashboard to rule them all.  No need to switch between tabs, export CSVs from multiple sources, and fumble with different metrics from different platforms.  We’re building a one-stop-shop for all analytics purposes with developer happiness in mind.

What will you see in the dashboard?

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Accidental Clicks
  • CTR – Click Through Rate (Conversion)
  • Avg. Clicks Per User
  • Avg. Impressions Per User
  • Avg. Video View Length


You can also break down the data by device for impressions and clicks, and a statistical breakdown by Ad types.

This is all just for one ad network. Once more integrations are added you’ll be able to compare and see which ad network performs best – you can hold your breath because the next integration will already be out by next week!

Start now and go to the GROW Dashboard.

If you have any comments, requests or anything else, just drop us a line.

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