Exponential Rise of Online Social Games

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Being able to socialize is one of the big factors that make human beings distinct from other species on Earth. For centuries, games have been a great source of socialization among human beings and our ancestors perhaps conceptualized them to give rise to social circles. If we talk about the present, online social games share the major chunk of the video gaming market since people now like to play games that offer them not only entertainment but a way to interact with other players too. Below are some factors that contribute to the immense popularity of online social games:

  • Connectivity to millions of like minded people
  • Rise in numbers of internet users worldwide
  • Competition, achievements and leaderboards
  • Stress buster
  • Score sharing on social media
  • Cost-effective environment

Online social casino is one of many examples of online social games. Social media sites, like Facebook, have played a key role in making social games so popular. Coming to an important point here, mobile games are becoming a new trend and steadily cruising towards surpassing PC games. This pie chart shows the percentage of mobile internet users in 2015 against PC internet users in the same year.

Users graph
Source: http://www.statista.com/topics/779/mobile-internet/

The number of mobile internet users are expected to only grow in coming years and account for 63.4% of all internet users worldwide by 2019. Rise in popularity of mobile devices has also greatly impacted the gaming market. More and more gaming apps are being developed for mobile to download from Play Store, App Store etc. As screen sizes of mobile devices have become bigger, players find them suitable to entertain themselves whenever they have spare time. Mobile apps have many advantages over websites and web apps, perhaps people find them apt to carry them in their mobile phones and access from anywhere.

With mobile games, developers also get monetization opportunities. Most developers have inclination towards development of games that are based on freemium model concept. A freemium gaming app is free to download  and a freemium gaming website is free to register, however in-app purchases are always there for developers to mint money.

Monetization opportunities with in-app purchases

Via in-app purchases, players buy virtual currency or points to move to more advanced levels of the games they are currently playing. Also, there is social-quotient involved in these games as we human beings like to give gifts to each other. Players have the option to send gifts or goodies to fellow players by making in-app purchases. Clash of Clans and Game of War are developed for mobile devices and currently have millions of subscribed users world over.  

It’s no hyperbole to say that mobile games have become new video games, and the biggest factor is users can access them from anywhere. Workers refresh themselves during breaks by playing games on their mobiles. Playing with more players evokes the feeling of competition and gives rise to more engagement, which in turn results into more in-app purchases. Mobile technology advancement has mutually benefited both the users and app developers. There is an app for almost everything in current digital arena and gamings apps top them all.

Check out the infographic below to gain better insight into how the future holds great growth opportunities for mobile game developers.


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