More Ads in Mobile Games – Trends from Casual Connect Amsterdam

In game advertising is on the rise

Last February I had the pleasure to MC one of the most interesting tracks at Casual Connect Amsterdam. The lectures in the track clearly demonstrated a trend that I’m not sure all of you are aware of – the trend of high profile games that are adding in game advertising.

If you download the financial reports of public companies like Zynga you would realize that they are relying more on ad revenue compared to IAP. King also announced that they are making technology investments in bringing ads back into their games.

I’m including 3 videos from the track I was hosting. All 3 lectures reflect the trend from different angles.

Successful In-Game Advertising: The Secret Sauce for Monetization | Tammy Levy

In this video, Tammy discusses 3 case studies by Kontagent where the company was able to significantly increase the game revenue by introducing ads. The games studied are: Adventure Capitalist, Epic Skater and Bullet Boy. The lecture also gives tips for smart integration of in game advertising inside the game and highlights the key elements to focus on.

Why Mobile Video is a Game Changer | Tal Shoham

Tal is heading the video adverting business at Supersonic. In his talk, he shares insights learned from integrating videos into the game “Hopeless” by uPopa. One of the interesting things to learn is that the rewarded video ads actually increased IAP revenue according to the study they did.

Developing Your Game with Monetization in Mind | Panel

Last is the panel with Anton @ Huuuge, Jami @ Futureplay and Philipp @ Wooga. All 3 described the trend of growing their ad revenue. Anton mentioned that even though social casino games don’t normally put ads, Huuuge games are now driving 50% of their revenue from in game advertising. Jami mentioned that Futureplay sees about 75% of the revenue from ads in their Idle games. In response to the question about ARPDAU, Anton mentioned that they have been seeing numbers as high as $0.4 in US during Q4.


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