GROW is Being Shut Down


[EDIT: On July 22nd, SOOMLA launched it’s new product TRACEBACK]

[check out to learn more]

We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the GROW service.

Over the past 2 years we had a huge vision to create a community of all the game developers in the world and allow them to share analytics and insights. We envisioned a shared database that will allow the community members access to the same data tools as the “big guys”.

The GROW network has been growing quickly and we achieved every growth milestone we have set for ourselves. However, we came to realize that the product just doesn’t solve a big-enough problem for its customers. As a company that always strives to generate value for its customers, we’ve decided to shut down GROW to make room for new products that solve bigger problems.

GROW will be shut down on May 31st 2016.

This includes Whales Report, God Mode Analytics, Basic Analytics, The Sync Service, Highway and the Receipt Validation Service (Fraud Protection). [CORRECTION: Fraud Protection / Receipt Validation will keep running until July 31st 2016 – at which point it will be included as part of the new product]

As we are doing the transition it is very important for us to make sure we are giving you enough notice to find other solutions and to make sure the negative impact is minimal.

You can find answers to most of your questions below. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us to


Q: What about SOOMLA Store and Profile?
A: The open source projects will still be available on Github for the community to continue to use and maintain them. In addition, the paid packages in the Unity Asset Store will stay there for the benefit of the community [EDIT: we will remove the Unity Asset Store Packages on Nov 30th 2016 and will no longer provide support after Dec 31st 2016]. There are a few power users in the community that agreed to stay as moderators and take over the support for the projects.

Q: What do I need to do to minimize impact on my game users?
A: We recommend removing the Highway SDK from your game before May 31st. SOOMLA will not be responsible for any production issues in games that have the Highway SDK after May 31st.

Q: I use GROW Ultimate. how can I switch to SOOMLA Store?
A: If you’re using one of the GROW bundles you will notice in your game project that they are made from separate packages. Removing the Highway SDK will allow SOOMLA Store and Profile to work with no issues. 

Q: What about the Receipt Verification / Fraud Protection Service?
A: The receipt verification service will stop functioning as a stand alone service on May 31st. [CORRECTION: Fraud Protection / Receipt Validation will keep running until July 31st 2016]

Q: Is SOOMLA Shutting Down?
A: Not at all. We have a strong team and investors who believe in the new vision of the company. We are still planning to change the world but in a different way this time.

Q: What is the new product about?
A: The new product is going to be called SOOMLA Traceback. We can’t tell you what it is but we will announce it very soon. If your game monetizes mainly with ads stay tuned for more details.

If your game uses ads for monetization and you wish to be data driven about it – Check out SOOMLA TRACEBACK.

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  1. Hey Yaniv, sad news. I guess it did not really take off then? I know though that you guys are the most enterprising people ever, and you are probably working on the next best thing. Still keeping an eye on SOOMLA with a potential come back in mind. Keep going. All the best.

  2. It’s sad to see GROW will be no more. The way I see it, it’s a service that had a lot of potential, but the engagement was probably low because users couldn’t really benefit it. Think about it like this: if I have a game with 50k installs, I can only see other games that have less than 100k installs. I may have better retention than others, and others might have a better retention than my game. However, there is little information that would help me grow my game over 1 million installs. It’s even worse for people that can see only games with 1-10k installs. How are they supposed to learn anything? A possible solution would have been for you to provide ANONYMOUS average statistics for games from all groups, including games with over 1 or even 5 million installs. This way, the developers information will be hidden, especially if you show some graphs based on average of at least 10 games.

    I for one, I would really love to see what’s the 1-day, 7 days and 30 days retention for a game with 100k installs vs a game with over 1M installs. How awesome would that be? 🙂


    • We concluded that the new product will not contain IAP verification for the time being.

      However, we gave the code to a studio called Vedidev who agreed to keep this service running for the benefit of the community. We actually transitioned the domain to them so it’s already running from their servers. For any questions about the IAP verification service feel free to email them directly to soomla [at] vedidev [dot] com.


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